Posted by Danny

Women can do anything.  Men struggle.  I continue to be amazed at the number of varied talents my wife possessed.  Leadership, organization, care and support of others, cooking, shopping, fingernails, working – and the list goes on and on.

Without a woman in the house, hair can be a challenge.  But I’m determined not to let my kids wander around this earth  looking like the orphans from Annie.

Uncle Jesse tells me not to be afraid of technology:  “Just try things.  You’ll figure it out.”  Taking that same approach with hair…

See Michelle’s braid?  I did it!

It took 37 minutes and Stephanie had to hold one of the three strands of hair, rotating with me as I weaved them together.  I’m not sure how you braid with three pieces of hair and only two hands.  But add in a buddy and it’s very doable.

I’m actually very proud of myself!  I think it looks GREAT!  New skill mastered – (ok, mastered may be a strong word).

Oh, and here’s a cool song about hair (only it isn’t really).

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  1. Laughing thru the misty eyes! You are an inspirational family! I’ll be up late reading tonight. And the three strands with two hands line is cute, the key is to use all those fingers to keep everything separated;) -not as easy as it sounds, as you have noted. Thank goodness for the buddy system. Subscribing and praying for you all. -Kim

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, we’ve been slow on the uptake with the hair, but we’re learning a few things. Thanks so much for reading/subscribing.

  2. Wow!! A real Tanner family?
    You guys r in similar situation only or hv the same names too?? Sorry m new here…wordpress….
    I m from India and hv seen ‘Full House’ in late 90s only… Loved it!!
    Tell me more abt the blog.. 🙂


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