Beach Trip: Welcome to 2011

Posted by Danny

Happy New Year from DJ and the Kimmy Gibbler Experience

At the beach for New Year’s Eve with four other families, 17 in all.  Are these new things for family vacations or have I just been oblivious for the past 16 years?

  1. Four people in my family, 16 towels used in three days.
  2. A 13 year old’s bra in the toilet.
  3. Sunny Delight bottles EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, everywhere.
  4. My kid is on Facebook at 1 am???
  5. Sand – from the beach to my boxer shorts – how did that happen?  Seriously, who has been wiping their dirty feet in my suitcase?
  6. Not one moment when a child is not hungry.
  7. A dishwasher immediately adjacent to the sink – and yet no one under the age of 45 seems to know how to put anything in it.
  8. Not one moment when a child is not thirsty. 
  9. Teenagers not speaking to their parents when other teenagers are in sight.

10. Reproducing clothing?  We didn’t purchase anything, why won’t it fit back in the suitcase?

Hungry or thirsty--which one are you?

Happy New Year! Party time.

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