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Posted by Danny

Trip to Disney December 27, 2010

We are a Disney family – my parents are Disney fans and my in-laws are Disney fans.  Lisa was the worst however, dedicated to the mouse in a deep fanatical sort of way.  Her absence in planning was painfully obvious this year.

On park hours

With Lisa:  A spreadsheet with crowd level predictions; at the door when the park gates open; a strategic plan for “fast passing” the most popular attractions.

Without Lisa:  Stroll into the park at 10; hope you get to ride something.

On eating

With Lisa:  The dining plan purchased along with our tickets; reservations for almost all of our meals; eating at off times from the crowd so we could maximize our ride times while they all stood in line for food.

Without Lisa:  Pretzels, soda and ice cream at a rolling cart at noon.

On attractions

With Lisa:  A spreadsheet with parade times and shows; reserved front row seats for all; autograph books for character signatures; Princess breakfast for our gaggle of girls; tour of the park that climaxes with a personal meeting with Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.

Without Lisa:  Saw the top of parade floats behind the massive crowd; Princesses?  Are there Princesses at Disney?

On transportation

With Lisa:  A short boat or monorail ride to the park.

Without Lisa:  Drive the family van from the hotel, wait in line, walk two miles to the park and pay $10.

On shopping

With Lisa:  Each child has time to shop alone with mom to pick out the perfect souvenir to remember our trip; a Christmas ornament for posterity.

Without Lisa:  No shopping.

The wonderful thing about our family is that even without the organization, even without seeing a half of the attractions, even without going into one Disney World store, we still had an incredible time!

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  1. Leslie Davis

     /  January 11, 2011

    I’m just jeaslous y’all got to go back again so soon. Every time I hit the disboards to plan our next trip (which is more than a year away but I need to stay current!) I think of Lisa!


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