Posted by Danny

It’s pathetic, but I had never taken our kids to the dentist; in fact, I didn’t know who they went to see.  I knew that the office was on Fairview Road, but other than that, I was clueless.

One day I got the reminder call – your appointment is next Tuesday.  Tuesday was piano day!  I had the carpool all set.  How in the heck was I going to get three kids to the dentist at 3:15 and still make the 4 and 4:30 piano lessons.   Why would we have an appointment on the same day as piano?  I called the piano teacher let her know we might not make it and headed over to the office, not quite sure how this would pan out.

I walked up to the desk, they were expecting us.

“Mr. Tanner, we’ll get Stephanie right in the chair, she has piano at 4, correct?”

“How did you know?”

“We do this twice a year!”

“What about Michelle?”

“You take Stephanie to piano, it’s right around the corner, we’ll have Michelle ready when you get back.  Drop Michelle off, pick up Stephanie and come back for DJ.”

“So you’ve done this before?”

“Twice a year Mr. Tanner.”

Why couldn’t I figure that out?

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  1. David

     /  February 9, 2011

    All I can say is — wow! That Lisa was a logistical superwoman.


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