Dinner Is Delivered!

Posted by Uncle Jesse

Throughout Lisa’s illness, after her passing, and now well into when we should probably be able to handle it ourselves, our AMAZING network of friends has given us all kinds of support. Nowhere has this been more tangibly evident than at the dinner table. Which is a darn good thing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “we miss Lisa’s cooking” but with all the extra things that get added to Danny’s plate being a single parent, it has been a gi-mongous (mash-up of giant and humongous…I got bored of gi-normous) help to have one less chore to worry about on many nights.

Tonight’s meal was one of many provided by good family friend Heather T. It was Greek spaghetti pie: noodles, tomato sauce, oregano, feta cheese and black pepper (Michelle will think the pepper makes it look cool).

I did the bread and salad myself! (yeah, the bread was the cheap, garlic heat up kind–but it’s so good!) And the salad had onions and carrots that the girls will pick out but that will keep all of our doctor friends off of our backs (we will not be sharing what kinds of cereal we pump in the kids any more–lesson learned). I don’t really cook, but I heat up and slice things well enough, and I’m a darn good kitchen cleaner (which is important–Danny’s not a neat freak but I’ve definitely had to step my game up from the various other places I’ve lived).

OH–and to all you do-gooders out there who will read this and have a casserole at our door tomorrow, just stop. We’re fine, I promise (though it’s not like we’re going to turn you down at the drop-off). Grandparents alone cover us about half the time. Our kids are healthy and (mostly) happy eaters.

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  1. Melanie Walker

     /  January 11, 2011

    Uncle Jesse, Just looking out for my girls! I actually brought a costco sized box of sugar cereal by one day during Lisa’s illness b/c I thought it would be fun. Little did I know it was run-o-the-mill at the Ham house. My boys wish they lived there (for more reasons than sugar cereal). We doctor-type will keep quiet (yeah, right). xo, M

  2. Ha-HA! Thought you might know who I was talking to. I was extra stingy on what passed for “dessert-worthy eating” tonight just for you, Doc.

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