Snow Day!

Posted by Uncle Jesse

Not only did we get a snow ice day from school yesterday, it came in the best way (for kids): going to sleep thinking school was still on but with a delay, and waking up to discover there’s NO SCHOOL!

For parents? Not exactly a day off, especially if you e-commute and were planning on getting ahead on some writing that’s due Wednesday when you know you’re going to have the girls all by yourself. But what are you going to do? Website editors are more understanding than bored kids, and, secretly (ok, OPENLY) I love the Michael Jackson Wii game. After today I plan on practicing my moves when the kids are at school and dogging them next time we play. What can I say? I play to win. After all, “no one wants to be defeated”

Here’s how the Tanner family spent the Ice Day:

Everybody piled into Dad’s bed

Beds: not just for sleeping

I surfed down the driveway to get the N&O–kudos on getting the paper here! (guess that Christmas tip was worth it)

I need more cute single girls to walk on our street in the mornings.


Danny made breakfast. You may have heard about this already

Somebody step up and get my man a griddle


Ten minutes later, I was still trying to figure out how to get back up the driveway

I just want to be able to do my puzzles and not break a bone


Annie T spent 20 minutes getting out all of her American Girl Doll apparel….and 5 minutes playing with it.

My kids will get Dollar Store dolls until they are old enough to know the difference.


Then it was time for a little Michael Jackson

The game comes with a glove and a warning: do not play game with glove on. Thanks.

Danny and Stephanie rocked some “Black and White”


While the pros (DJ and me) got down to “Beat It” (of course they caught the ONE time I messed up on tape)


But it wasn’t all fun and games. We had some work to do…like thank you notes

Group thank you notes are easier, more fun, and often better quality


Danny had to do some work email from home (and, of course, a little blogging)

I think it’s a rule of offices everywhere: when you can’t come in, you must send lots of emails to justify the free day off


DJ worked on a project about Africa (and, of course, a little Facebooking)

Status update: my uncle is annoying me


Stephanie knocked out some piano practice

Piano needs a little tuning. Danny's gonna flip when he finds out how much that costs (Lisa always paid that bill!)


And later she studied for science, too. They’re learning about the “bees” part of the birds and the bees. Pollination and all that.

"Uncle Jesse, why do you keep giggling when you quiz me on the parts of the flower?"

Other than some time on the piano, Michelle didn’t really have any work to do. So she tap danced.

After that, we shipped them off  to a movie with someone else. And crossed our fingers the ice would melt before school the next day.

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  1. The photos and videos definitely add a lot of charisma to the blog. Good job! And Uncle Jesse, you one day will remember that comment about the dollar store dolls…it won’t happen.

    • I’m guessing there are a lot of things I say “I will never do…” that won’t stick. That one may be more out of necessity–those things are EXPENSIVE!

  2. Helen LaVere

     /  January 12, 2011

    Uncle Jesse the pjs are definitely worthy of an audience of more cute girls! You sure know how to fill up a day!

    • eh, at least half a day. Then we wimped out and went movie. Well re-route the single girls off Ridge Road and down Dellwood if you don’t mind!


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