The Great DVR Purge Of 2011


I sat down to watch PTI in the living room the other day. Flipped on the nice, big, hi-def TV that Danny sprung for a year ago and opened up the recorded shows. Pressed the “list” button on the Time Warner remote to bring up the recorded shows. Here is what I saw on the screen:

What’s that? You need a closer look? Here you go:

Still not clear? No problem:

That’s right, the entire first screen (and then some) was “America’s Next Top Model” and they had all been recorded in one day. I knew who the culprit was, but I also knew that trying to explain the difference between recording a show and recording a series was futile.

I cruised down the rest of the list, curious as to what else was on there. Here’s a sampling:

Ah, yes, a Disney sitcom, an acapella singing competition, and “Glee”, the show that every parent thinks is just a prime time TV version of High School Musical when it’s…not. But in actuality, I have no problem with DJ watching the show, because Danny watches it as well and can use it for talking points as he gears up for having a high school student in the house. And her Mom loved the show. No, my only real issue with any of these selections is that they’re all over a month old, and no one will ever watch them again. DJ even admitted the other night (when she asked me for the fifth time if there was a new “Glee” episode this week): “I don’t watch any reruns or ones I’ve already seen. Except the Brittany one, because it was AMAZING.” So why do we have them on the DVR?! Fortunately Fox finally began advertising that new “Glee” episodes would be back after the Super Bowl. “When’s the Super Bowl?” God, please give me at least one son.

Six episodes of “Living Single” all recorded in the same day? Again, I have no opinion one way or the other on the 90’s sitcom “Living Single”, though it appears to have done well and may have even been ripped off  to make “Friends”.  It may be a fantastic show. I don’t know. What I do know is that no one in our household has ever watched an episode of “Living Single”. Someone must have sat on the remote. I didn’t even bother to look up what “House of Glam” was.

And here we have an assortment of other shows that I’ve never seen anyone actually view on our television set (though I suspect Danny faithfully follows Desperate Housewives when I’m not around). And again, all shows that are over three months old. Based on what I’ve seen of our family’s remote control aptitude, I feel confident in saying that they could not even find these shows on the DVR. They are merely taking up space.

I record one series (the aforementioned PTI) and delete after I view. Often times I will DVR a ball game, and again, I usually watch it later the same day or the next, and when I am done watching it (or if I don’t get around to it after a day or two), I delete it. Perhaps this is from living with other DVR-savvy roommates over the years, but I see the cable box as shared space, and with everyone pitching in we can all see the shows we want. I’ve accepted that no one in the Tanner house will ever care about the AFC Championship game like I do, I just wish they would sympathize with my fear that one day a game will go into triple overtime, and as I’m watching hours later a window will pop up on the screen that says: “Sorry, your DVR has exceeded its space limit. Consider erasing some of the “Hannah Montana” episodes from last summer.”

And so, in an effort to abate this fear, I am having a DVR purge. Buh-bye, “America’s Next Top Model”. So long, “Living Single”. Am I worried the girls will complain I erased their shows? Not in the least. Like I said, I’m fairly confident that no one else knows what’s on there anyway. Well, maybe one person–but she doesn’t have to worry: I’m sure there will be 6 more “America’s Next Top Model” episodes on there by the weekend. And the Super Bowl (and new “Glee”) is only two weeks away.

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  1. Katie Martin

     /  January 25, 2011

    Too, too funny. With three teenagers in the house, we finally solved this problem by having two DVR’s. Sad, but true. We have one dedicated to the kids and their crap (ahem, shows…..) on one TV, and the other DVR is dedicated to shows we watch as a family unit or MY shows (never crap, always worthy programming 🙂 Thanks for sharing your DVR woes. You are not alone. We once had about 82 “What Not to Wear” episodes on ours from a marathon one weekend. It happens!

    • Sadly, we have 2 as well. But one was basically “Lisa’s DVR” and it’s less accessible. Oh there will be more posts about TV/DVR etiquette…

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