An Ode to the Teachers

As I was pulling out of the school drop off line this morning, I noticed that every kid entering the building had a gift box or handful of flowers.  Was it Valentine’s Day?  Was a popular kid having a birthday? 

Then I remembered the email that came out last week – the one I saved as a reminder but never referred back to. 

Next Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day, do something nice in return for all that they do for us.

Well, I missed that too.  As you count your blessings, be thankful that you aren’t one of my kids’ teachers. 

I looked around the car, was there anything I could run back in?  A half used Starbucks card?  A fairly nice Uniball Pen?  A coupon book with 90% of the bargains in tact?  The blue and white polka dotted dish towel I hang around my neck to keep coffee off of my bow tie?  Give it up man, you lost this one.  You have an 8:30 meeting.  It ain’t gonna happen.

As I hit the on ramp to the 440 beltline, the verse of a poem entered my brain.  So teachers, I love you!  You are good to my kids.  This Ode I wrote on the way to work.  It may be short-lived, but so are the carnations.

An Ode to our Teachers

Roses are Red, Violets are blue

You’re the best teachers for a dad with no clue.


My kids are on track, you won’t let them fail,

One day Nurse Huber even clipped Michelle’s toenails.


I forget lunches, I forget drinks,

The class mom sends my reminders in red, not blue, ink.


I don’t pick up on time, my kids’ hair is deshelved,

and if you ask me why – my face just looks puzzled.


Sorry I forgot the flowers and trinkets,

If organizing was a ship, like the Titanic I’d sink it.


The Tanners

(If anyone knows my kids teachers, please forward this to them.  I lost their email addresses.)

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  1. Mom

     /  February 1, 2011

    A smile is worth a lot in this frazzled world. You made it happen with that.

  2. Melanie Walker

     /  February 1, 2011

    At least you have a good excuse, no excuse in this house, just forgot.

  3. Lori Reedy

     /  February 2, 2011

    You and other parents bless the teachers each day with your children. You personally bless us with your wit, insight, and tenderness through The Real Full House. Your blessings upon us are plentiful and priceless.


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