“Big Time Rush” Got To Meet The Real Full House!


OK, so it’s probably more accurate to say we got to meet them, but, hey, we got 10,000 views this week, so there’s a chance they’ve heard of us. Though they are clearly more famous (and richer, and better looking…) I must confess, I had no clue who they were. But I do now:

My boys Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James

“Big Time Rush” is, I have learned, a Nickelodeon made-for-TV boy band. Kind of like The Monkees. Their back-story is they were four hockey playing friends from Minnesota who moved to L.A. to join the music scene. Now they’ve got the show on Nick, as well as some songs getting some run on radio and iTunes.

They are big-time (pun intended) enough that you could tell Michelle and Stephanie were very excited and completely in awe. But the most telling may have been DJ. She was probably more jazzed that she got to see a sneak preview of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never the night before, but she was definitely not feigning excitement when it was her turn to meet the guys. Or, as she explained it, “My friends would all say BTR is dumb, but they know all the words to the theme song, and they’ll be jealous I got to meet them.”

I don’t doubt their fame, but I don’t think any of my friends are jealous I got to meet them. Our good friend Catherine, who works in radio, got the Tanner girls in the see the guys and Danny had a morning meeting, so I got to do the honors.

But I’ll give the guys credit: even more than their handlers/PR people, the BTR guys were very good about being open to the room, taking any and all photograph and autograph requests, giving out hugs, chatting up the kids and adults, and not watching the clock/door for the earliest possible exit.

Overall, the girls were pretty pumped and I was pretty impressed. Check out the pics:

The car ride there. We were singing all the "Big Time Rush" songs we know. It's like two.

waiting for the guys to show up with our friend AP. They must run on "Hollywood time"

Getting autographs. Feel the rush!


the boys fielded requests for friends as well, so Kimmy Gibbler got one

Steph brought her own poster! These guys must train for this. I didn't see them shake their hands out once.

Michelle with Big Time Rush

Stephanie with Big Time Rush

DJ with Big Time Rush (she was taller than Carlos)

Michelle and AP making sure we captured the moment

One more Big Time pose with Logan (the hottie)

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  1. Patti

     /  February 12, 2011

    Looks like fun! I’m glad I saw this post because a friend of my daughter just posted in her facebook update that she was going to a big time rush concert, and I was surprised to think that an 11 year old was excited to see the band Rush and that she thought they were “big time.” Glad I found out about these guys before I baffled her with questions about a band that was playing well before she was born.

    • That is hysterical re: Big Time Rush concert vs. big time Rush show. Yes, my knowledge of all things pre-teen grows daily. Would love to see BTR cover 2112–that’d be sick.

  2. Awww, that’s good to hear. One of my peeves is stuck-up celebrities, so it’s good to hear of “stars” who remain open and gracious to the people who made them famous.

  3. Maura Horton

     /  February 12, 2011

    What I really want to see is in true full house style(I’m referring to the episode when uncle Jessie rocks with the beach boys) is you having a “jam” session with them!! No air guitar even??
    You rock! Love the smile it gave them!!

  4. since big time rush began like all these years I love watching them but my biggest dream is to meet big time rush


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