Zeila, The Fortune Teller

Michelle as Zeila

Posted by Danny

Late this afternoon we had a visit from Zeila, the Fortune Teller.

This is her business card (which includes her phone number:  636363-636363-63-6336 – in case you need to reach her).

We were fortunate enough to receive a free reading this afternoon from her magic ball.  This is apparently what the future holds.

For me:

*I will eat tacos for dinner, but I have to make them.

*I will take a shower (I worked out and cleaned the gutters, pretty sure that was a given).

*A brown haired girl, about 8 years old, will sleep in my room tonight.

Damn she’s good.

Zeila tells DJ that her future will include finishing her homework and then playing on her computer.  DJ stole her magic ball and told Zeila she would give it back after she took her stinky, playing outside, sweaty self a shower.  It worked.

The most impressive fortune of all, in my opinion, was for Stephanie.  Zelia predicted that Stephanie would take her shoes off tonight.  She also told her she would receive a gift.  When Stephanie asked what the gift might be, Zelia said, “Your little sister will give you your I-Touch back because she borrowed it earlier.”

I’m thinking we may set up a booth at the State Fair in the fall.  We’re spending a lot, I could use the extra income.

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  1. charlotte gregory

     /  March 7, 2011

    Hey! Ask her how I’m going to do on my exams this week.

  2. Melanie Walker

     /  March 7, 2011

    Market that talent, ASAP

  3. Patty Thomson

     /  March 7, 2011

    gotta love it!!! I see more laughs in your future!!

  4. Jean

     /  March 7, 2011

    So…AT is not writing yet but causing blogs. Iknew that it would happen. She’s too funny not to capture in blog form.
    Funny one.

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