Take that Paul!!

Posted by Danny

Stephanie scored a goal at her Y basketball game last week!  For our family, that is a BIG deal.  I may rent out the Civic Center and throw a party to celebrate.

Although I’ve been a runner throughout my life, I’ve never really mastered a team sport.  One of my first full-time jobs out of college included running a fairly large youth basketball league here in Raleigh.  When I called my dad to tell him I got the job and began describing my new responsibilities, he said, “I’m glad you have medical insurance, I’m taking you off our policy,”  followed by, “YOU are running a sports league!?” 

I did play basketball in a church league when I was in third grade.  I remember two things about that season.  First I remember that a kid named Paul spit on me at practice.  Second, the third graders were allowed to play in one game that season.  Our team was up by 25 points so Coach Ancherico put the third string in.  I was the point guard.  We played at Horace Sisk Gymnasium in my hometown, Fayetteville, NC.  It felt like the Dean Dome to a small kid like me.   There were maybe two minutes left.  My buddy Steven threw the ball in to me.  Seconds later I heard a whistle.  The ref, with a condescending smile, yelled “Traveling.  Blue ball.”  I had forgotten to dribble.  It seemed like the entire gymnasium snickered, “Ahh, the little third grader forgot to dribble.  Isn’t that cute.”  It wasn’t cute.  It was humiliating.  My teammates weren’t happy.  I had blown one of only two offensive possessions we would have the entire  season. 

I don’t think that’s when Paul spit on me, but it may have precipitated his ongoing frustration the following week at practice when the loogie was launched on my bright orange jersey.

So you can imagine my pride when my kid, the shortest kid on the team, sunk a basket for the world to see.  Take that Paul!

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  1. Jean

     /  March 11, 2011

    Yaaaa, Stephanie! Good job! The females in our family don’t do baskets. You’ve outdone us all. As usual, a funny post.

  2. Congrats Stephanie and to the proud Dad!!

  3. Dotty

     /  March 12, 2011

    Must get her skills from her once removed Aunt “Dot-Face”! Too funny Bruce, but the loogie is a bit much. I may have quit basketball forever if that happened to me. I have this thing about “spit” and “gum”, don’t like either one. Tell Stephanie we are proud of her, especially Gracey! Take care and let me know when you might be coming this way.


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