Dad Knows Fashion

Posted by Danny

I never took cotillion.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps my parents couldn’t afford it or maybe my mom thought I was already mannerly enough.  Or more likely, she felt like it was a hopeless cause.

My wife did come from a cotillion family.  She and her siblings all suffered through but I think it paid off.

DJ has completed cotillion, however, if you eat at the dinner table with us, you might find that difficult to believe.  Stephanie is enrolled this year.

I did learn something from the cotillion handbook.  If you are out with a woman and you come to a revolving door, the man should go through first if it is stopped in order to push it and getting it moving.  I assume most women don’t have the physical strength to push something as cumbersome as a door.  If the door is already in motion, the man should wait and allow the woman to go through before he enters.  I was intrigued by this knowledge and can’t wait to approach a revolving door with one of my  daughters to put this learning to use.

Last Friday was the cotillion ball at North Ridge Country Club.  You know what that means … the outfit.

When will Stephanie learn to listen to me?  I am a man with style.  I made the switch to bow ties 15 years ago before it was the trendy thing to do.  You may have seen my Allen Edmonds.  I keep my dress shirts in order according to their color.  Nothing excited Lisa or my daughters more than taking a pink shirt and putting it in the middle of the blues.  So – I’m a little type A (I’m not nutty about my shirts being in order, I just sort of like them color coordinated when possible).

I was determined not to purchase a new dress for the ball.  Thankfully, several mothers took pity on me and offered their daughters’ old dresses for Stephanie to choose from.  We narrowed it down to three.  Two were white.  One was not that bright white but a similar color – just more yellowish.  I guess that’s off white or cream. 

I pushed her toward the white dress because – 1) she had really white shoes and 2) she had really white gloves.  Made sense to me that she should wear the really white dress to match.  I’m not sure she believed me, but she did like that dress and decided to follow my lead.

Next we had to discuss shoes.  Early in the cotillion year, a boy stepped on Stephanie’s toe when she was wearing sandals.  It bled and she actually lost half of the toenail.  Ever since the Fox Trot injury, she has been petrified of dancing with these boys without steel toed boots protecting her petite digits.  I almost thought I was going to have to take her to a therapist to begin getting her ready for sorority formals in the future.

We already owned a pair of dress sandals.  They were fancy and complimented her really white dress quite nicely.  Stephanie went to Target on Thursday afternoon and conned her grandmother into buying her a pair of flat white shoes for proetection.   She’d asked me to buy these same shoes the week before but I told her I thought she needed something dressier.  Nothing wrong with the shoes but we already had a pair that were perfect for a classy event at the country club.

“Stephanie.  I don’t think those are fancy enough for your dress.”

“I don’t care.  I DON’T want another toe injury.  That hurt.”

Jesse jumped in to defend her, “I think they look fine.”

This coming from a guy who is considering giving all of hisshort sleeved shirts away and replacing them with 10 white v-neck tees to simplify his apparently complex life.

“Input not needed Jesse.”  I moved on.  “That’s fine.  Try them on.  Then go show DJ.”

The eyes rolled – not only does she look like Lisa, her mannerisms are falling nicely into place.

From the other room I heard, “DJ, what do you think of these shoes with this dress?”

“I think the sandals would look better with that dress.”

Yes!  Victory.

And what does she do?  She puts on the sandals and gives me no credit.

She's just beautiful!


To top off the outfit, she picked one of Lisa’s big pink scarves as a wrap.  I love it when the girls can wear a piece of Lisa’s jewelry or clothing.  It’s like they’re wearing a little piece of her. 

I’m sure lisa was smiling down on our adventure.  And I’m pretty sure she would have agreed with me on the shoe choice.

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  1. Mel Ham

     /  March 14, 2011

    Simply beautiful…lucy is so beautiful. Scarf is perfect. Miss and love each of you much. Mel

  2. Beth Gentile

     /  March 14, 2011

    Wow! Lucy is simply gorgeous here….as always..and looks so much like her beautiful mom! 🙂

  3. Amy

     /  March 14, 2011

    What a lovely young lady and the pink scarf definitely adds the “Lisa” touch. And I’m sure you and Lucy “wowed” them on the dance floor!

  4. Kudos on the shoe choice, Mister! She looks like such a lady!

  5. Sarah LF

     /  March 14, 2011

    She is such a beautiful young lady. Glad y’all had fun!

  6. Hopie

     /  March 14, 2011

    She looks so beautiful! I assume no further toe injuries, and she has conquered her fear of dancing in strappy sandals! I hope you got lots of pictures — please post one of daddy-daughter dancing:)

    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 14, 2011

      She did say a couple of girls stepped on her toes but that it didn’t hurt as much.

  7. Yep, Dad you did good by your daughter.
    Just not sure about bow ties…yet.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 14, 2011

      Bow ties are coming in Harold – you might as well jump on board.

  8. Aunt Susan

     /  March 14, 2011

    I thought both of you looked great! Loved the wrap Lucy, but I do wish you guys would stop growing up so fast, it makes me feel really old! lol

  9. Kim G

     /  March 15, 2011

    Please tell me Ms. Gaddy does not still teach cotillion. That is a unique level of Hades Lisa and I suffered too long ago. Love the wrap. Wore the red scarf today. Love you all.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 15, 2011

      Nah – she’s turned it over the next generation of torturers.

  10. Patty Thomson

     /  March 16, 2011

    The dress is perfect, and I agree on the shoes. what I want to know is do you REALLY own a pink shirt????? I somehow have no mental picture of that at all—maybe that is self preservation????? I love a man in pink!! I am not surprised about the white and light blue!!! Sorry sweetie, I just had to titter a little bit!! (that is not a dirty word, just a little archaic) Oh, yes, the pink scarf really makes the outfit. I emagine she felt like Lisa had her in her arms all evening!!


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