A&F Pushing The T&A Envelope, Again

Posted By Jesse

One of the Tanner family traditions that I have adjusted and grown accustomed to is the soundtrack of the morning: Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos talking world news and pop culture on “Good Morning, America”, which plays as breakfast background music while the girls munch cereal. Sometimes I fear they run stories that are not the best for kicking off a second grader’s day, like the one this morning where they kept showing the clip of the two teen moms beating the snot out of each other (shout-out to Brunswick County).

At times I consider turning it off or changing the channel, but then I fear that it’ll only draw more attention to it. Apparently we would not have been watching Chris Brown’s appearance on GMA last week if Lisa were still ruling the roost. Bruce informed me that his music (and presumably his morning talk show appearances) was banned from the Tanner house due to his penchant for hitting other people. Sometimes (because GMA producers, like everyone else, know what moves the dial) there will be a story on at 7:15 a.m. about s-e-x, usually dressed up as a “scientific study” revealing something new about men and women. I try to pretend uninterested and ruffle the sports page loudly so as to distract the viewers at the breakfast table.

Almost every morning they give us an update on something related to the royal wedding. Michelle cracked me up when they said, “Up next, the details behind Prince Harry’s TOP SECRET bachelor party weekend…” and she calmly replied to the television, “I guess it’s not a secret any more, then.”

But then there are the stories where GMA is highlighting something that is wrong/bad/unjust, only I wonder if the attention they bring to the issue only makes things worse, even if they are condemning, not praising. Boy was I glad the girls had already exited the kitchen to brush their teeth when this story came on. I guarantee you Michelle would want one of these things. Better warn Danny to steer clear of Abercrombie next time he hits the mall.

Here’s the link to the story if the YouTube embed doesn’t work for you:

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  1. Another reason I am glad we do not have TV in our house and haven’t since 1999!

    • Leslie

       /  April 1, 2011

      Did you see the story about the baby doll you can breastfeed the next day???? I am glad I have boys! Although they do tend to walk around naked…


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