A Huge Thank You! (and back to the trough….)

Cotton candy machine on site? The fine dining bar has officially been raised.

Posted by Jesse

A few weeks ago Danny chronicled the first family outing to Golden Corral. It was an experience for Danny, who thinks dinner jackets for the dining patrons might be a nice touch, but otherwise seemed to enjoy his meal. And how many meals with three children do you get through without at least one complaining about the menu selection? Not at Golden Corral, where everything is on the menu.

Round 2 of main course for Steph, Round 3 of dessert for Michelle

We were surprised, honored, and extremely grateful when not one but TWO different blog readers with Corral connections hooked us up with gift cards for our next visit! Danny and I have never fully determined exactly what the goal/purpose for our blog is, but I assure you we were not expecting free swag. But, again, we were appreciative and honored that someone (make that two someones!) was entertained enough by Danny’s take on the GC experience to reach out to us.

And with Danny away on business, last night was the perfect night to put a few of them to use. So we lunched light, packed up the crew (even brought Kimmy Gibbler along for the ride), and headed to the eater’s paradise. The anticipation of the dessert spread alone had us in such good spirits that we didn’t mind the stares we were getting as the entire car belted High School Musical as we rolled down Glenwood Avenue.

One tip for future dining: booths are not ideal for parties who are not on the same buffet schedule. I ended up eating most of my meal standing or hopping seats to accommodate the non-stop food runs.

But of course, in the end, everyone ate their fill. And then chased it with Cotton Candy.

A little surf (shrimp for Kimmy) and turf (steak for DJ)

THANKS again to our generous Golden benefactors.

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  1. Next you need to find a place with a breakfast buffet! We used to go to Shoney’s when on vacations. After eating there I wanted to go back to bed. If I could fall in love with a breakfast buffet theirs would be it!


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