Sunday Post 14: The Grace Deficit

I hear that God gives us a lot of grace.  But at times, I think we’re pretty stingy with it ourselves.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes this year.  One time I sent a curt email to a very nice woman at my kids’ school.  She didn’t reply…grace.

One day I snapped at a good friend who happened to call me during a meeting – I thought it was my kid calling for the third time in a row.  She didn’t get mad…grace.

There are nights when I bark at my kids because I’m tired and cranky; not because they’ve done anything wrong.  And yet, the next time I’m approachable, they grab me and give me a huge hug.  That’s kid grace.

When I make mistakes, there is always a reasonable explanation.  When other’s screw up, I’m not as forgiving.

I do not put the Christian fish symbol on the back of my car because on many occasions, I’m not proud of the way I drive.  I am prone to cut people off and speed through a red light.  Yes, I’m the guy who passes by all of the cars waiting in the right hand lane only to barge my way in as close to the exit ramp as possible.  Not very Christian.

I reason, it’s because I’m a single dad – I’ve got a lot to do.  But the guy who cut in front of me on my short commute yesterday is a jerk.  Me – the responsible single dad who is just in a hurry.  Him – the fool, plain and simple.

God gives out grace like I give out fireballs at a YMCA event.  Not as easy for me.  I think I’m grace deficient.  Is there a supplement  for that?

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  1. Steve Gill

     /  April 17, 2011

    Great Post…. and so true. We just need to all realize that to love others means to put them above our own little selves.

  2. I think the supplement is all our friends and family showing us grace when we feel we don’t deserve it. We take their grace and are more able to give it out in the future.

    I like your Sunday posts.

  3. yes….there is a lovely grace supplement…and her name is lisa…indulge….
    anna’s mom…ruth…..

  4. thunderbear

     /  April 17, 2011

    Sharing one’s personal experiences from the loss of a loved one and being so brutally and beautifully honest so others may identify, learn and understand—Grace.

  5. Wren

     /  April 17, 2011

    Grace is the ability to express gratitude in all circumstances…

  6. Aunt Susan

     /  April 17, 2011

    sometime you are way too hard on yourself.
    acknowledge that waiting to the end to cut in is not good, then cut yourself some slack.

  7. evie lichti

     /  April 19, 2011

    Yep, Danny – it’s called Mercy! We all need it!


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