The Tooth Fairy Sabbatical


Posted by Danny

I’ve been out-of-town twice lately on business trips, and I am thankful to Jesse for keeping the girls.  They always have a great time when he’s in charge -although  I”m not convinced that all of the rules are followed when I’m gone.

Jesse talks a big game about discipline, “We need to set some strict guidelines for Stephanie to shore up her study habits.”  By we, I’m pretty sure he means ME.  “Michelle really needs to stop asking 8 times during dinner if she’s eaten enough.  I think if she asks once that she shouldn’t get dessert.”  Yeah, he’s a big talker but when I walk out the door, it’s cotton candy for dinner. 

But I have two nieces and was the fun uncle in my day too.  I understand when I come home from DC and find out that he watched movies with DJ and her buddy until the wee hours of the night.  And I’m ok with him using the Golden Corral gift certificates to take the crew out for a two-hour eating fest.  But what I don’t understand, is why when I go out-of-town, the Tooth Fairy takes a Sabbatical.

Michelle is losing teeth like NC State is losing basketball games (yeah, I’m a State fan).  And the past two times I’ve been gone, a bicuspid has sprung loose. 

Michelle gleefully shares the news with Jesse and calls me with full excitement.  She carefully places the tooth in the hand stitched pillow her Nana made her and tucks it neatly under her sleeping pillow.  I can just picture her dreams – the fairy flutters in wearing her pink tutu, sparkles sprinkling from her wand.  The dollar tucked in a nice lace pouch.

The sweet dream is rudely interrupted the following morning when she awakes and finds that her tooth is in the exact same place she left it the night before.  With disappointment she questions Jesse, “Why do you think she didn’t come?  What’s going on?”  I know those big eyes kill him.  And the stories, oh the stories, he extols.

“Well, it came out late in the day.  She probably had her calendar booked with other kids who lost teeth at an earlier hour.  She’s not a Genie, she’s simply the Tooth Fairy.”  As if you don’t have to have some sort of super power to sneak into millions of houses each night replacing money for teeth.  Or, “Maybe she’s at a conference like your dad.”  To my knowledge, there is not a conference for the Tooth Fairy!  What sort of semiars would they conduct?  The New Price of a Molar?  Change or bills?  Things You Can Do With Leftover Teeth? 

He once told her, “I bet she hurt her wing in a game of Lacrosse.  I”m sure she’ll be better soon.”  Yeah, like when your dad gets home.

Today he even suggested that perhaps I was having a rendezvous with the Tooth Fairy on my “business” trips.  I’m hard at work, missing my family and he suggests that I’m away sleeping with the Tooth Fairy.  Unbelieveable!

I’m sort of glad that I’m the only one in the house who knows how to get in touch with the Tooth Fairy.  Jesse’s so good, if it weren’t for that, I’m not sure they’d need me.

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  1. April (Calvin) Poole

     /  April 20, 2011

    Perfect example of inflation! 53 years ago a dime was the ultimate, eyes light up, exchange for a little white tooth.

  2. Missy Mangum

     /  April 20, 2011

    The tooth fairy did not come to our house for four days much to the dismay of my 8yo (and I was home the whole time)…sadly, my 12 yo son “fixed” the issue in the middle of the fifth night!! Mom of the year, I ain’t…so I can relate!!

  3. Debra Hertz

     /  April 20, 2011

    We also had this issue. My answer was to tell the girls that when the tooth fairy couldn’t make if the first night, she left double the second (third or fourth) night. They liked that… and it only cost me an extra dollar.

  4. Aunt Susan

     /  April 20, 2011

    What do you mean do Tooth Fairy’s have conferences? Of course they do, who do you think creates all the tooth paste?????
    Honsetly Danny I worry about you sometimes.
    Are you going to say that the Easter Bunny doesn’t have Olympics in the off season?

  5. Lisa Messick

     /  April 21, 2011

    You know the tooth fairy’s loot doesn’t “always stay” under the pillow. I’ve seen it get lost in the covers & fall to the floor under the bed. Sometimes you have to “hunt” for it.

  6. So what are your’s and Jesse’s plan for easter for the girls?

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 23, 2011

      The girls and I have been on a cruise for spring break this week – haven’t seen Jesse since Sunday. I hope he’s still living with us!

  7. Emily

     /  May 17, 2011

    So funny. We’re most likely getting ready for a visit from the tooth fairy for our toddler who injured his top front teeth, poor kiddo. (By the way I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to be a helpful resource… it’s good for Dads too!) Since this is our first experience with the tooth fairy I’ve been reading up! Note to self: don’t forget to take the tooth and leave money! So… how much money does the tooth fairy leave these days?

    • Danny Tanner

       /  May 17, 2011

      It’s a buck now, at least!

    • Samantha

       /  June 8, 2011

      I use the Mom’s Guide all the time! I’ve found some great tips for making oral hygiene more fun for my kids. We haven’t had to worry about the tooth fairy yet, but we’ve already encountered cavities! Thanks for sharing the link.

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