Get Off Your High Horse Man

Posted by Danny

Yesterday afternoon I was in the car with Michelle and Stephanie and we were talking about Lisa.  After a few minutes of laughing about mom memories, one of the kids said, “What if you would have died and mommy would have lived?” 

I said, “Well, what would that have been like?”

Without hesitation, Michelle said, “That would have probably been better because mom could really relate to girls.”


Thank God for Stephanie.  My sweet child said, “Michelle.  It would not have been better; it would have just been different.”  She then proceeded to explain that I was funny and a good tickler and cuddler but that mom knew more about girls.  She also said that mom was very organized and didn’t really miss things like Awards Chapel at school. 

There must be comfort in having absolute confidence that your parent will show up for your special occasions AND will pick you up on time after school.

Stephanie then said, “But you know dad, we have DJ and she walks us up to the shopping center to get our nails done and stuff – so that’s pretty much covered.”

I’m sure she would be comforting Lisa in a similar situation.  That’s just what Stephanie does.

When I told DJ Michelle’s response to the question, she replied, “You shouldn’t have asked.”

When I start to get cocky about my parenting abilities, just when I jump on that horse, I’m immediately knocked off.   Thank goodness for kids who keep us grounded, I guess.

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  1. Steve Gill

     /  May 6, 2011

    Love you and your stories. They keep ME grounded. And of course my 14, 12 and 11 year old do that also.

  2. Jean

     /  May 6, 2011

    Don’t second guess your parenting ability. Lucy’s right. It would have just been different. You do a fine job of parenting. You work at it harder than anyone I know, certainly harder than I did. Lisa had lots of faith in you and would have been proud of what you are doing. No matter which of you had been left, there would have been “holes” in what had to be done because of lack of time and energy. And, Lisa would have had to make a living so her time would have been divided. Plain facts. They would be missing which every one was gone. Get back on your high horse and don’t fall off, Danny!

  3. April Poole

     /  May 6, 2011

    Having a Dad like you would have been such a blessing. You are a grand blend of humor and seriousness and you are building wonderful memories for your girls. You can read in the blog the love they have for you.

  4. That was a rough comment. The reality is both options suck. But you seem to be doing a great job. Keep the faith!

  5. Aunt Susan

     /  May 7, 2011

    Oh, climb back on, and take the girls with you. It has been an unfair and tough hand to deal with but you have done it beautifully. You have allowed Hayes to come in and help and you ask for help. With out realizing it, both you and Lisa worked together to help each other be prepared and you both prepared the girls,in case one of you was called away.
    In the awful afterness you have found humor and life. Lisa is so proud of you and the girls, all of you are showing such courage, love and care. Keep in mind that young ones odn’t always filter what they say, and sometimes it is a blessing. You hve 3 really smart and terrific INDIVIDUALS in you house. the Individuals is the important part to remember.
    and re-read Jean’s post. She’s got it right.

  6. Paige

     /  May 16, 2011

    You know kids can say things that just can get up your crawl and stay there so much more than other people. Maybe its the insecurity or doubt that rings in our own ability. As mom, I have to have a thicker skin and realize they are just that kids. Who knows, maybe that day, Michelle was really missing her mom a bit more than other days.

    You guys are amazing. I glean little nuggets from this blog as well as some serious belly laughs.

    Kids can take you off the chain but hang tough.


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