Happy Mother’s Day???

Posted by Danny

I used to look forward to Mother’s Day.  I enjoyed celebrating Lisa.  The girls and I would devise a plan that we thought was genius often with decorations, breakfast in bed and a dinner with a homemade pound cake for dessert (one of the few things I can cook pretty well).  I think we enjoyed planning it as much as Lisa enjoyed being celebrated.

Not so much anymore.

And it is EVERYWHERE!  You open  the paper, it’s on the front page.  You turn on the TV and find that Zales has the perfect gift for our mom; except diamonds aren’t quite as important anymore.  At Cotillion the teacher wishes all the mothers out there a beautiful day on Sunday.  Michelle comes home with art for grandma because she no longer has a mother to create for.

So – to uncelebrate today, we planned to head to the beach, Jesse, the girls and Kimmy Gibbler.  Only our local weather guy had a different idea – rain in Wilmington all afternoon.  We needed a back up plan.

We lounged around all morning and finally broke down and ate the picnic lunch I packed for the beach.  We then headed to Frankie’s Fun House – and it was.  But 30 minutes and $100 later, the fun was beginning to diminish.  What would Lisa do in this situation?  Hmmm. 

She’d go to Target, her favorite place on earth!

We bought a package of six men’s small V-neck t-shirts for $10 and a box of Crayola paint.  An hour and a half later, this was the result.

We even figured out a creative way to send my brother a birthday card (after Frankies, I couldn’t afford a stamp – hope he reads the blog tonight.)

If Lisa’s not here, there is no one on this earth that I’d rather be celebrating Mother’s Day with than my girls.  I am a lucky, lucky man.

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  1. How fun! A new tradition. What did you name your new May day?


    • Danny Tanner

       /  May 9, 2011

      Perhaps “off the cuff”! Not a lot of preplanning!

  2. Lynn Moss

     /  May 9, 2011

    And they are lucky, lucky girls to have you as their Dad! LOVE to all of you, Lynn

  3. Glad to see you turned a rough situation into a celebration of Lisa!

  4. Mary

     /  May 9, 2011

    I loved how you celebrated all of your mothers AND uncelebrated the Hallmark holiday. Both were incredibly fitting. And I can’t wait to see the recap of Muncle’s Day.

  5. evie lichti

     /  May 9, 2011

    Danny – you’re really quite a guy! And we love you for who you are! Keep on truckin’! Evie

  6. Aunt Susan

     /  May 9, 2011

    what a great idea. since my mom passed i have really disliked mothers day and fathers day since daddy went. I like a family celebration day! and of course
    mouncle day. so what’s the name for the new day? anti hallmark just doesn’t cut it.

  7. When my sister lived in Wilmington we used to go to Wrightsville Beach when we visited. Sorry you didn’t get to go. Looks like a fun time was had by all any way.


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