Fashion Question? I’m Your Guy

Posted by Danny

I learned a couple of things about fashion this week. 

1) If your daughter says, “Dad, I’d like a new Lilly dress to wear to the 8th grade dance,” you should say “HELL NO”, grab your wallet and hightail it for your car. 

This happened to me.  I was not that smart.

DJ told me she wanted a Lilly dress for her special occasion and I said, “Well of course dear.  You’re graduating from 8th grade.  I think you need one of those things.” 

That night she pulled the Lilly store up on-line. 

“Dad, isn’t that one cute?”

“It is.  You’d look great in that.  I like the color.”

“I like this one too.”

“Ah – even better.  You want to order it?”

“You know dad, there’s a Lilly store in Cameron Village.  Let’s just go over there so I can try some on.”

“OK.  Maybe Nana can take you this weekend.  So, how much does that one cost?”

“Well, this ones sort of expensive.”

I nod – thinking I’m gonna splurge and not even complain – $60 bucks, NO PROBLEM –  I’m a BIG spender!

“It’s $348.”

“What?  My car is not worth $348!  You’ve got to be kidding.  Is it made of actual flowers?  Is that the same dress that Kate Middleton is wearing at her wedding?  This is absurd!”

“I’m sure I can find one for half that price.  They tend to have good sales.”

“You’d better find one for 90% off.”

And then I remembered, my wife wrote down four house rules before she died.  One of them was for the girls to “gang up” on dad if there was something they knew she would want for them but that I was unwilling to do.  She cited several examples. 

One dealt with giving them their independence – like studying abroad.  She knew that would be something I’d be cautious about. 

Lisa was also clear in her instruction to me – “If one of our daughters finds a pair of $350 shoes that would make her prom dress the best outfit at the dance, you find the money and buy them.  I know how tight you can be.”  She may have pointed her finger at me when she was writing down this rule to ensure I understood.

It worked…today DJ owns a Lilly dress. 

Jesse says I’m blinded by my love for my children and reminds them, when they get frustrated with him, that he is not. 

I can’t wait for him to have a daughter. 

2) I was also talking to a friend this week about bras.  I really can’t believe I’m talking about bras with people – but I’m trying to learn. 

She said at some point young women needed to get appropriately measured to insure a good fit.  I asked how that happened.  She said, they take a tape measurer and wrap it around your chest in several places.  I said, “That must be awkward.  I’m glad men don’t have to do that for underwear.”

The look on my face must have given away the fact that I was picturing a line of topless women in the underwear store dressing room waiting for their turn to be fitted.  She quickly informed me that the measurement was taken with your shirt ON.

It’s like I learn something new every day.

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  1. Lisa is my kinda gal. Loved my navy blue gold buckled $350 flats that went with many outfits. A great buy – wore them all the time. Good shoes hold up and hold their shape and take care of your foot. A side benefit is the important folks notice, like the maître d’!

  2. Aunt Susan

     /  May 16, 2011

    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? Please tell me you did not spend $350 dollars on the first 8th grade dress. What are you going to do for high school, college, masters, and PhD dresses? What about Deb dresses?
    But she will be the absolute best dressed girl there. They are all such lucky, lucky girls.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  May 16, 2011

      I did not spend that much – got it on sale. But not enough on sale!

  3. Lisa

     /  May 17, 2011

    Here is a big “red flag” that your wallet is about to be fleeced. If the girls ask for something by the brand name (ex. “Lily” dress, “Ugg” boots, “Coach” purse, get the picture)thats a huge red flag to guard your wallet. And, if that brand has its own boutique, Run away! But, if that boutique is in Cameron Village, DRIVE AWAY, because running isn’t fast enough.

    Kuddos for listening to Lisa’s instructions, because she is right. Sometimes you just have to give up the wallet. =)

  4. Aunt Susan

     /  May 19, 2011

    okay. you were listening and learned, on sale is good. I am proud of you.

  5. Senor

     /  May 23, 2011

    May I point out Brother Danny that the “Bargain Box by the Junior League of Raleigh” is also at Cameron Village. Can you say “Certified Pre-Owned?” Easier, (but far fewer points on Scrabble), can you say, “eBay?” Go there, Brother Danny, and you will save and be saved.

    I got your back (pocket). King


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