She’s Home!

Posted by Danny

I picked Michelle up from camp today.  When I arrived, she jumped into my arms – one of my favorite things in life.

She immediately said, “I have my bathing suit on under my clothes.  Our counselors told us to change because our parents were coming but I told them you had a blow up pool in the back of your car.  Just go along with it dad.”

It’s only been five nights, but holding her in my arms again is my favorite huge Father’s Day present.

Last year at camp she cried every breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I asked the counselor how this year went. 

“Did she cry a lot?”

Her young, enthusiastic counselor hesitated, “Well…”

I’m not sure what that means – but I get the impression we’re headed in the right direction.  Apparently she thought Tuesday was Wednesday.  So when she woke up on Wednesday and realized it wasn’t the day before she was going home, she was not a happy camper.  That’s what happens when you’re stranded somewhere without cable and internet access.  Camp is sort of like the movie Castaway.

Mid week I received a letter from her.  She informed me that she was having a GREAT time.  She also said, “I got a lot of letters today.  I must be very popular.”

Thanks to all who wrote.

She was most proud that she went down the zip line.  I don’t see the joy in it.  We go to this same camp every year in a YMCA father/daughter program called Y Princesses.  The goal of most of the dads is to get their child to go down the zip line.  My goal is to ensure that my kid doesn’t want me to go down the zip line with her.  There are three reasons –

1)      I don’t like heights – and after climbing five staircases you stand 60 feet in the air and have to jump off a ledge with a wire the size of Christmas ribbon between you and the ground.

2)      I don’t like cold – and the water, especially in early spring when the Y Princess program heads to camp, is freezing!  A child rides the zip line virtually to the land.  A 175 pound man drops in the middle of the pond and backstrokes a football field before getting his footing.  And the water would shock an Eskimo.

3)      The harness they strap you in to hook you up to the line is really uncomfortable.  It squeezes places that should not be squoozen.

I’m glad she mastered that – without her dad.  Next year on our outing to camp, maybe she’ll want to go down it with her friends.  I think that would be a brave thing for her to do.

She’s happy, she’s safe, she had lots of stories – and as I type she is sleeping right beside me.  All is good.

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  1. Good job, Danny and Michelle. A little more growing up this year. A necessary evil for you both. It’s always tough to “let ‘um go” but you’re doing it and sounds like she is doing her part. We parents kick and scream all the way through but in the end, you got it right.

  2. Well done! We just dropped our daughter off at camp yesterday, on Fathers Day ( her 2nd year). Her older brother is there as a crew worker and her Uncle works and lives there. So we know she is in good hands. Her 3 older brothers have all been there as either campers or crew.

    • April

       /  June 20, 2011

      You are exactly right about the zip line. Have a friend that wants to do the zipline at Carver’s Park. Not in this life!! Have sent your reasons to them.
      You have fantastic children and are doing this father thing to perfection. Your daughters are so fortunate to live in the family they have.


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