Two Guys and a Subaru

Posted by Danny and Jesse

Jesse and Lisa’s sister and her family are moving to Raleigh this week.  That is great news for all!  To assist with the move, Danny and Jesse flew to Boston this morning and drove one of their cars home today.  This was our trip:

5:15 am – Grandaddy Tanner wakes up to be sure we are not late for our flight.

5:30 am – Grandaddy Tanner wakes Danny and Jesse.

5:39 am – Danny is showered and dressed and ready to depart.

5:52 am – Jesse runs out of his bedroom, wet head and belt pending.

9:00 am – Danny has peed five times thus far.  

9:35 am – Sister and brother-in-law feed us well – pancakes and sausage – might not help the bathroom issues.

10:05 am – On the road – Danny at the wheel, Jesse with Google Maps.

1:15 pm – Driving through Manhattan, Pride Parade Traffic a significant problem.

1:27 pm – Wreck on George Washington Bridge.

1:30 pm – Honked at by a New York Cabbie; honked back just to fit in.

1:32 pm – Discovered Hot 97.1 Rap Radio

Morning Topics of Conversation:  Cuss words (which are most inappropriate), Voter ID Registration (got no problem with it), Gun Control (probably need it), sibling dynamics (we have some), Twitter (Danny needs to get with the program – would you follow him?), private school tuition (ouch), marriage (you can only imagine), what we’ll be doing in 15 years (we have some theories), rest stops in the North East (not a fan of the rest stop/fast foot/gas station combo), God – and other religions.

2:00 pm – Driver switch at a New Jersey rest stop (guess who peed?)

3:00 pm – Concert in the car baby! (Take me to the River – Talking Heads, Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith, America – West Side Story – didn’t expect that one huh?)

3:22 pm – About to run out of gas, Jesse says, “Let’s push it.”

3:25 pm – Stop for gas, Danny said, “Are you nuts?”

5:15 pm – Tears over Lisa

Afternoon topics of conversation:  Taxes (hate ’em), pick up basketball rules, skinny dipping (nothing recent), Is it ok for a minister to be gay? (both sides of the issue discussed), texting while driving (shouldn’t be doing it), pink shirts (can be cool), Churches (conservative, moderate and liberal), UNC football program (don’t won’t to comment until the investigation is final).

7:30 pm – Food finally.

Last four hours – since Danny has an affinity for Earth Wind and Fire, Prince and other soulful music, Jesse decided to expose him to Outkast and Kanye West.  Danny’s visiting itunes tomorrow!

11:15 pm – At grandma’s house looking for her cat (don’t ask).

11:30 pm – Home at last.

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  1. Glad Jessie went. Sounds like fun but you need to be under 50 to do a day like that. Those 5:30 am to 11:30 pm days can be killers!

  2. D

     /  June 27, 2011

    Wow. You guys are the best. My parents moved about 23 times in 30 years, 9 of those times with me and once with a dog – and never did they get to ride together!

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable ride to me.

  4. Hey Danny/Bruce I got something especially for you on my blog! Seriously! No need to post this comment.


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