The Camp 1 Sardines

Posted by Danny

The last of three sleepover camp drop offs was this weekend. DJ and Stephanie ares now at Camp Seafarer, an incredible camp for girls located on the coast of North Carolina. Twenty-three years ago I spent a summer working at Seafarer’s brother camp, Sea Gull for boys. I was the Head Counselor for the 200 youngest kids that year – the Camp 1 Sardines.  A name I chose myself.

There were actually three other groups of boys at Sea Gull that summer:  The Camp 2 Hornets, The Camp 3 Hurricanes and the Camp 4 Gators.  It’s a large camp with nearly 700 campers at a time.  Camp 1, being the youngest, had something to prove.  I guess it was questionable as to whether we could with a name like the Sardines – but I thought it was interesting and wasn’t one for going with the norm.

I’d say the pinnacle of the summer for me was when all 200 guys in my care earned their first rank in golf.  We were 100% duffers!  And when the entire camp met a goal like that, we were allowed to sing a song in front of everyone in the mess hall.  This was the moment we had waited for all summer long.  We’d spent an inordinate amount of time perfecting our performance – nearly as much time as we’d spent coaxing kids to hit the golf course to earn the rank.  Our “song” and I use that word loosely, went like this:

We are the Sardines and we’ve got the scoop,

if you want to be cool, just go bloop-bloop-bloop.

Now Camp 4 Gators you’re tough that’s true

but if you don’t watch out we’ll make some luggage out of you.

And the Camp 3 Canes comin’ round the bend

you know you blow real hard but you’re just full of wind.

And the Camp 2 Hornets let me tell you one thing

you know you buzz real loud but you ain’t got no sting.

So if you want to hear a thought that’s really profound,

the Camp 1 Sardines are the baddest around.

Camp 1, bloop bloop, Camp 1 – SARDINES!

200 boys, ages 6 – 9 singing that song and blooping all over the mess hall made the work we’d put in all worthwhile.

I don’t remember a ton of other things about camp that summer.  I do know they served fried bologna and cabbage on Tuesdays at lunch, and it was one of the greatest summers of my life!

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  1. Wren

     /  August 1, 2011

    This entry is especially poignant. Grayson bailed this summer (after five summers), I think a week of rain & a 48 stay in the infirmary did him in for about a year. Maybe one day, you can be an encourager to him – to try again – as he Ioves CSG & so does our family. He was thrilled to play in the Sea Gull Open last year & he will love your song!! Thanks for sharing. Call hubby if you want a day and night of golf and scotch! W&R


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