Sunday Post 38: The Books of the Bible

Posted by Danny

I remember sleeping in my mom’s lap during Sunday worship service as a kid.  I’d stretch out on the second row, my head in her handmade ensemble; her pocketbook nearby.  Half way through the service she would give me a half piece of gum.  Half, I suppose, so I wouldn’t have much to smack on.

Sometimes I struggle with the balance between fun and reverence.  Occasionally during a prayer on Sunday I find my hand wrapped around one of the girls.  My finger falls right at their armpit – and I simply can’t resist.  A quick poke, or two, and the giggles start.  I work to shush them – but it’s 100% my fault.

Does God laugh at us or shoot down a frown?  I’m not sure.

Last week we were driving home from church and Stephanie was working on learning the books of the bible.  She was actually doing a pretty good job but continued to get stumped on the book Obadiah.  “I can’t remember that book!”

“Obadiah, Obadiah, Obadiah” I repeat with the hope that she will absorb the rhythm.  As Stephanie echoes my chant, a voice from the back yells out:


And it was over.  All four of us doubled over in laughter. 

Obadiarrhea?  Seriously?

Part of me felt like I should scowl a bit at my youngest kid.  But I couldn’t.  Instead I joined in with the others “Obadiarrhea!  Obadiarrhea!  You’ve got Obadiarrhea.”

I think God is like a really fun grandfather.  One that gets on the floor and plays with you.  One that you can sort of crawl up in his lap.  Maybe a grandfather that would laugh with you – even if you irreverently misnamed a book of His bible.

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  1. Helen LaVere

     /  October 9, 2011

    I can’t be positive, but I feel the same way you do – and God is glad that Obadiarrhea provided a time of laughter and fun. I think He was doubled over laughing with you.

  2. Homestead Ramblings

     /  October 9, 2011

    Oh yeah, He has the BIGGEST sense of humor you ever saw!!!! Try Him out in it, and think of all the kooky things He has created. Duck-billed platapus, tasmainia devil, teenagers.

  3. Aunt Susan

     /  October 9, 2011

    I like to think of God as a cool grandpa, and I definately see God (he or she) and Lisa reading this and giggling and rolling their eyes at all of you.

  4. Sarah LF

     /  October 10, 2011

    I like to think of God as a ninja. (sorry-I couldn’t resist)

  5. If God doesn’t have a sense of humor, we’re all in trouble.


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