Sunday Post 41: The Tag

Posted by Danny

On Tuesday, I took Stephanie and Michelle over to Theater in the Park for their costume fitting.  The head costume designer is a wonderfully talented woman who has been working with A Christmas Carol for years.  She is warm and friendly and you can just tell how much she cares about the folks she works with.

The girls tried on their outfits, Michelle really loved her skirt with the bloomers that show underneath.  When they were putting their regular clothes back on, the designer pulled me aside and pulled out a small square of material.  There was a tiny clothes pin at the top.  As she put it in my hand, I noticed a familiar name hand written in ink;  it was my wife’s.

My eyes welled up. 

“I found this tag pinned in a dress I was working on this week and thought you’d want it.  It was on the collar of the one on the end of the rack.”  She pointed me toward an outfit that I’d seen before.  On our bookshelf is a picture of Jesse and Lisa in full Dicken’s regalia at the 2007 Raleigh Christmas Parade.  And on Lisa, that dress.

When I got home, I immediately attached the tag to the cardboard frame that held this important photograph.

It’s interesting that it’s been five years since Lisawas in the play, and yet it was just last week that the tag was discovered. 

Sometimes it feels like she’s sending messages – all can be explained, possibly just coincidence, but they are comforting nonetheless.

Maybe she’s proud of us.  Maybe she’s happy that we’re following in her footsteps.  Maybe she wants us to know she approves.

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  1. Mom

     /  October 30, 2011

    We have all experienced odd things since Lisa died. I know that Lisa is proud of you all and happy with what you are doing with the kids. Just take this as her approval.If anyone could find a way to reach out to her loved ones here on earth, Lisa could, and she would. Just take this as encouragement from Lisa.

  2. That’s awesome! I love it that it showed up like that. How encouraging to you and your girls!

  3. Helen LaVere

     /  October 30, 2011

    No maybe about it, Danny. Stay tuned and you’ll be amazed at the encouragement you will continue to receive!

  4. April

     /  October 30, 2011

    Yes, it was a message of love and encouragement. Cherish each one – there will be more and the comfort they bring are is special.

  5. Aunt Susan

     /  October 30, 2011

    Just drop all the “Maybes” and you know it’s all true. She enjoyed doing the play, and now is enjoying sharing your participation with all her new friends way up yonder.

  6. Francie Reding

     /  October 30, 2011

    That Lisa!


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