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Posted by Danny 
Since we spend a lot of time right now at play practice, I thought I’d share a few pics.  Everybody ought to try this at least once in life.  It’s really a lot of fun!
Stephanie’s in there somewhere…

Learning from the master

I wish this pic had audio!

Prerehearsal antics


A preview of my dance moves...


Michelle claps for Scrooge, trying to get him in the Christmas spirit!

Theatre in the Park is a small community theater on the edge of North Carolina State University.  The theater has multiple plays throughout the year, but as you can tell, A Christmas Carol is the Tanner family’s favorite.
 This year, the theater  has entered a grant with Pepsi for $10,000 to help upgrade it’s computer system.  Pepsi gives out grants each month based on the number of votes each submitted grant receives.  So we need your help in November!
 Not everyone who reads this is the voting type of person.  But I know that some of you (mom) spend enough time on your computer to take 30 seconds to visit the Pepsi site to vote.  You can vote once per day – and we really need your support.
 If you’re willing, hit this website, (look in the $10,000 column and find “Bring our nonprofit theater into the 21st Century, right now we’re number 17), and help us out.  Or, you can text the number 109446 to 73774.  In fact, you can vote on-line and by text once each day.
 Help us help Theatre in the Park which has meant so much to our family during this fall season.  And thanks for the backing!



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  1. Aunt Susan

     /  November 8, 2011

    Would not consider not voteing! I cannot wait to see the show, my ticket is for the 10th!

  2. You guys need some serious help! I had to go down to #20 to find you. Mobilze the troops! Good luck.


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