60.19 Miles – but who’s counting

Posted by Danny

I used to put about 20,000 miles per year on my car.  The past two years, it was 30,000 – the extra 10,000 miles came from a seven mile radius of my house. 

Last Tuesday went like this:

Route 1:  4:55 pm, North Carolina Dance Institute (5.52 miles) – Sneak out of the office down the back stairs so the receptionist doesn’t see me cutting out of work early again.  Arrive at the North Carolina Dance Institute to pick up Michelle.  Search for missing ballet slippers (someone’s stealing ballet slippers at the dance studio – that’s two in three weeks).  Wave to Stephanie  in her class (nice sous sous baby!).  I’ll be back.

Route 2:  5:05 pm, home (5.26 miles) – The beautiful people are getting their jogs on down Duraleigh Road!  Heading to Dellwood Drive to create some dinner.  Crock pot Pot Roast smellin’ sweet. 

Route 3:  5:50 pm, St. Mary’s School (2.62 miles) – Michelle has play practice at DJ’s high school.  Should make things easier – but it doesn’t.  “Got your script?”  “Yep!”

Route 4:  6:15 pm, NCDI (7.71 miles) – Stephanie finished dance at 6.  Hold on baby – daddy’s on the way (don’t talk to strangers, don’t talk to strangers). 

Route 5:  6:30 pm, St. Mary’s (7.71 miles) – Time to get DJ – back to St. Mary’s.  “Can I listen to my music now?”  …let’s groove tonight…share the spice of life…  Lovin’ me some Earth Wind and Fire – “Dad, it’s so embarrassing when you dance at stop lights with the windows down.

Route 6:  6:45 pm, home (2.62 miles) – “I can’t believe you forgot your pointe shoes DJ!  Can’t you just wear socks?  I do not understand why would you want to dance with a block of wood in your shoe?”  Back to the house.  “DJ, hurry up!” 

Route 7:  7:05 pm, NCDI (5.26 miles) – Pointe class has started – plie! plie!  DJ’s at dance and only 5 minutes late.  You’re 70% there buddy, you’re gonna make it.

Route 8:  7:15 pm, home (5.26 miles) – Pot Roast makin’ my mouth water.  Set the table, pour the drinks, get the plates out.  “You need help with piano Stephanie?  Ahh – is this Beethoven?”  “No, Disney.” “Knew it sounded familiar.” 

Route 9:  7:50 pm, St. Mary’s (5.26 miles) – She’d better get an academy award.  “Michelle – we’re here.  Don’t talk to your friends, DJ’s waiting.” 

Route 10:  8:15 pm, NCDI (7.71 miles) – “Give me a break!  I got here as quick as I could.  I’ve been driving like Richard Petty…you don’t know Richard Petty?  He’s a race car dri…just forget it.”  One hundred percent  of the family in one car, whew.  

Route 11:  8:30 pm, home (5.26 miles) – Victory is mine and the pot roast is done.

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  1. wonderful surprises

     /  May 23, 2012

    Are you kidding?! This is insane! Maybe DJ could board at St Mary’s. Surely that would help! Haha

  2. Aunt Susan

     /  May 24, 2012

    So when DJ gets her license, is she going to get Pop’s car to take over some of the driving responsibilities? hmmmmmm???
    just asking

  3. Wow! if i had to drive that much in one day I would go insane, I have my license but I daren’t use it.

  4. Aunt Susan

     /  May 26, 2012

    What a Sherman tank with a wagon attached? or how about a Humvee??

  5. So true, I have put so many miles on my car driving downtown this year and back…twice..

    • Danny Tanner

       /  June 3, 2012

      I suppose one day I’ll miss the carpools – but hard to see that now!


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