Ahhhhh – peace


The shower is often the quietest point in my day.  I love my kids, but that few minutes is priceless.

When it’s warm outside, I sometimes pour a cold beer into a plastic cup and take it with me as I scrub down.  Ahhhhh – peace.

Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Me in the shower last Tuesday:


Michelle, in a very loud voice:  “Dad, I can’t find the charger for my iTouch.”

Me:  “I’m in the shower.”

Michelle:  “Duh.”  Yes.  She clearly knew that.  But what was my point?

Michelle:  “I can’t find it.”

Me:  “Well I can assure you it’s not in here!”

Michelle:  “Do you know where it is?”

Me:  “Look in the basket in the den.  I think it’s in there.”

Ahhhhhh – peace.

Michelle:  “It’s not there.”

Me:  “Well it’s still not in here!  I can’t possibly find it while scrubbing the wax out of my ears!  Do you have an iTouch emergency?”

Michelle:  “Not really.”

Me:  “Then you’re gonna have to wait until I get the soap out of my eyes!  Chill.”

Ahhhhh – peace.

Stephanie:  “Dad, are you in the shower?”  she asks as if I’ve never taken one before.

Me:  “Did you think it was your Latin teacher?  Yep.  This is me behind the fogged up glass.”

Stephanie:  “Can you email Allise’s mother and ask if she can spend the night on Friday?”

Me:  “Yes.  But the last time I brought the computer in here, the water made it too slick to type.”

Stephanie:  “OK.  But don’t forget!  You forgot last night.”

Me:  “It’ll be the first thing I do when I get out, right after I find the charger for Michelle’s iTouch.”

Stephanie:  “Thanks dad.”

Me:  Wow.  She said thanks.

Ahhhh – peace.

DJ, yelling from the bedroom:  “Dad!  When you get out can you drive me to North Hills?  I’m meeting Kimmy there.”

Me:  “What time are  you supposed to be there?”

DJ:  “Not for another ten minutes.”

Me:  “What?  I can’t hear you I’m in the shower.”

DJ:  “I know!  I can hear the water.  IN TEN MINUTES.”

Just 15 minutes – hot water, quiet, my plastic cup of Yuengling.  That’s all I ask…

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  1. Parenting , is like that , I know…..
    Ciao , my friend.

  2. LOL – my morning shower is my time, too. Since that is the only time I get, I’ve always gotten up before my son, just to make sure I get those 15 minutes alone! Of course, on the days that doesn’t happen… well, it really doesn’t happen!

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 11, 2013

      Maybe I should get up earlier – ahhh, one more thing.

  3. Missy Mangum

     /  April 10, 2013

    I can so relate, except it is a margarita in the plastic cup and someone is usually yelling about the dog throwing up. Paper towels are a foreign concept for my children….

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 11, 2013

      It is amazing how they can tell you exactly what has happened and yet, they can’t seem to figure out how to solve the seemingly simple issue on their own.

  4. When they grow up and move out….there is still the phone. And they use it. Just don’t take it in the shower with you. You should be safe.

  5. Ah the peace of a bathroom-nothing like it-if you can get it!

  6. Boy, did I smile at this. I reach a point when I’m just so annoyed, I start laughing. “Are you serious? What NOW?”

  7. Mel Ham

     /  April 10, 2013

    You are drinking in the shower now??!

  8. Val Mills

     /  April 10, 2013

    🙂 tell your kids you wear ear muffs in the shower.

  9. nannypology

     /  April 10, 2013

    Cheers to bringing in a beer. A Dad’s gotta do what a Dad’s gotta do! I bet Michelle’s charger was right in front of her face too, they ALWAYS are!

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 11, 2013

      Oh, it was in the basket where I told her it was. It just wasn’t on the top – imagine having to look below the first level of junk.

  10. You’re such a great Dad.


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