Sunday Post 121: The Busy Vacation

It’s the first day of vacation.  We’re at the beach my entire family.  Every Tanner we could possibly find is here.

It’s nice to spend time with uncles and cousins that you don’t often see.

I have no idea what I’m going to do this week.  I have a book and signed up for the online version of our newspaper for six days.  I’ve been here less than four hours and have unloaded the car, unpacked the bags, read the newspaper in the sun, caught up with various family members, jogged and eaten dinner.  There’s still three more hours til bedtime and I’m out of stuff to do.

I can’t stop.  I simply don’t know how.  I think my kids may be developing my same habits.  How did it come to this?  Why can’t I just sit and read or watch TV?  Whoa, what if I just thought for a while?

I’m so used to laundry, work deadlines, carpools, straightening up –

I fear I’m teaching my girls the same thing.  When I come home and find them chilling, I quickly remind them of their homework assignments and the piano that’s sitting there with no potential musician sitting on its bench.  Michelle says “Dad, let’s cuddle.”  I say, “In a minute,” for the lawn has yet to be mowed this week.

That’s it.  This week I will cuddle!  I’ll cuddle until her heart’s content and read with her and watch Another Cinderella Story with my eyes open.  When I’m done with that, I think I’ll rest; ’cause there’s a lot to get done when I get back home.

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  1. Elizabeth

     /  June 9, 2013

    I know the feeling of “what will I do ” so very well. Newly single and took my two teenage boys and two of their friends to the beach for EIGHT days! Almost lost my mind w grief.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  June 12, 2013

      Some time to think is good – too much time is a problem. Hang in there.

  2. My husband is the same way. It’s not a bad thing, but it is also great that you are recognizing the importance of “just being” sometimes. Enjoy all that cuddle time. It really is the best of times.

  3. Hi!

    I have just recently started reading your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. I love seeing the positive transformation in your lives. I love the silly stories and the true depth of pain I felt for you and your girls while reading all that you have been through. You are blessing many through your blog. My best friends husband started chemo today for stage 111 colorectal cancer that has spread to his stomach, lymph nodes and clavicle. We are praying for miracles and I hope one day I can send her your blog to read once he is in remission. In the meantime. Thank you for the entertainment. Your blogs make me laugh out loud. May God bless you and your family,

    Kit McConnell

    Sent from my iPad

    • Danny Tanner

       /  June 12, 2013

      Thank you Kit. I think you’ve hosted my youngest daughter at your home and I appreciate that. Thank you for reading!

  4. Aunt Susan

     /  June 10, 2013

    I hope this means that we I get to see you on the beach, we can chat and catch up! hope to see you on the beach in two!

  5. I like the idea of Dad’s cuddle time, also that you know you need to “chill” and really enjoy your vacation relaxing!!


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