Sunday Post 144: Dingy Dingy Ding Dingy Dingy Ding Ding

When the girls were young, we used to listen to a Disney Channel CD with tunes from all of their favorite shows:  Rollie Pollie Ollie, Bear and the Big Blue House, Winnie the Poo and, our favorite Out of the Box.

We’d play the music and dance all over the house.

When Listen to the Rhythm from Out of the Box came on, the girls would argue about which one got to be held in dad’s arms, dancing together as the tune blasted.  The song had an incredible beat –

Listen to this rhythm, that we’re gonna play

Listen to this rhythm, then do it the same way

It goes like this…

Dingy dingy ding

Dingy ding ding ding

Boom cha-ca la-ca la-ca boom cha-ca boom

Each time it came on, we’d have to play it three times.  I’d dance with the first one in my arms, then the second and finally the third.  We’d spin around in circles, we’d laugh, I’d dip them at the end, head reared back and the giggles flowing.

Last weekend, Stephanie and Michelle were cleaning out the stereo cabinet.  Inside, they rediscovered that CD.  When our song came on, we reverted back to the good old days.

I can hardly pick DJ up and certainly can’t spin her around while riding on my hip, but the other two insisted.

All four of us paraded around the kitchen remembering the moves of years gone by.

It was bitter-sweet.  Memories of Lisa filled the room.  Our nanny of 11 years, now in a nursing home the victim of a massive stroke, also top of mind.  She watched her fair share of Playhouse Disney with our three kids.

When the song faded out, I said to my girls, “When I’m 80 and you’re 50, let’s turn that song back on.  I’d like to continue the dance until the day I die.”

“Don’t ever get rid of your CD player dad.”

“Don’t worry.  It’ll be here to play the music, and I’ll be here to dance.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing that awesome moment and memory. I lost my dad when I was 21 and my mom last year, I am now 52. Your daughters will remember this moment forever….and they will smile. You are a wonderful father. God bless you, Danny Tanner. 🙂

  2. What a blessing! Such a sweet story, I’m glad you shared.

  3. Family memories are always the best; my families are in picture frames and picture CDs; we take a lot of photos :). You never know, the best ones might just come from a children’s CD.

  4. Michele Barrows

     /  November 17, 2013

    Smiles…all smiles!! :):):)

  5. Interesting thought at the end. It reminded me of an 86-year-old woman who recently died the day after running and finishing a 26.2 mile marathon. She had run three a year for years; her family said she died the way she would have wanted, while asleep recovering from a race.

  6. These are the important moments in our lives.


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