Sunday Post 145: Scrooge

For those of you who have seen Ira David Wood’s A Christmas Carol, you might most remember the hilarity of the show.  He is a very funny man, and his Scrooge is like no other.

When I first joined the cast, my assumption was that our primary focus would be on humor, and that is clearly important.  However, what means the most to me and perhaps to most who see the show is the very serious message that is played out in the last scene.

As a cast we are reminded countless times that the play is about helping folks discover or rediscover the true Christmas spirit.

Each year, when we first run the finale, it knocks me in the gut.  The lump hits my throat and the ba-humbug I may have brought into the theater is quickly subdued.

So what is Christmas really about?

For me, I think it’s become less about what I get and more about the joy of those around me.  It is those spiritual moments I experience when the church choir sings while the trumpets blare.  It’s the quiet of the candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  It’s watching mean old Scrooge break down in tears as he struggles to sing the words to The First Noel.

It’s the memory of Christmases of years gone by – my grandmother’s seven layer chocolate cake, acting out the Christmas story with my parents and brother when we were oh so young, Lisa’s affection for pig ornaments, and the first year without her –  Jesse served whiskey after the girls went to bed, a thoughtful gesture on a very tough night.

I pray that we can all find that inner peace – ignoring the annoyances, focusing on the beauty of the season.

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  1. CHall

     /  December 13, 2013

    For the first time in several years, I attended TIP’s “A Christmas Carol” last night (husband was out of town so I decided to treat myself….and what a treat!). I had a decent seat in a side balcony and took my trusty binoculars—just so I could pick out the Tanners. Early on, I’d found everyone except Michelle. Then I recalled an older post where Danny spoke of Michelle being cast as a boy, so I started zeroing in on the boys and Bingo!…there she was. Great job, everybody!! Seeing this production always makes me wish I could sing and dance, but alas… I thought Danny and Uncle Jesse looked especially sharp in those red velvet knickers! And what a great job somebody did with Jesse’s make-up, rosy cheeks and all…hehehe. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Run with the play!

    • Danny Tanner

       /  December 15, 2013

      I actually think he did his own makeup! He was very generous with the blush!


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