Chicken and Waffles a la Danny

eggotyson nuggets

There is a really interesting restaurant in downtown Raleigh called Beasley’s Chicken + Honey.  Ashley Christensen has become a famous local chef and entrepreneur who has worked to bring good food and spirits to our city.  She owns Beasley’s.

This hip joint has tables with stools and serves fried chicken on a waffle – with honey.

I ate there a while back, and it was good.  Reminded me a bit of my grandma’s southern (South Carolina) cooking.

After the girls went one night with Uncle Jesse and came back with rave revues, I figured Ashley might be on to something.  I’m always looking for new meals!

So – I bought a box of Eggo’s and some Tyson chicken nuggets.  I plugged in the toaster and turned the microwave on high.

I was so looking forward to THE early evening question…

“Dad, what’s for dinner?”

“You’re gonna like this one!  Remember when you went downtown with Uncle Jesse to that cool restaurant?”

“The one with chicken and waffles?”

“Oh yeah,” I said with slight bit of swag.

I am THE man!  I couldn’t believe I was so clever.  I remembered something they liked and had put this meal together ON MY OWN!

As I brought the plates to the table, I could see their faces fall.

“Get the ketchup,” Michelle dourly requested.

DJ was more blatant in her criticism.

“This is disgusting.  Can I eat the waffle now and come back in thirty minutes for the nuggets?  It’s like two different meals.  YUCK!”

I don’t understand.  They do this on Good Morning America every week!  They have a model come out in a very expensive dress that looks nice, and they find a similar outfit that came from Walmart.  No one can every tell the difference.

I mean it was the exact same combination that Ashley had served up the week before – which they loooved!

What is wrong with these people who live with me???

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  1. After reading many of your posts I sort of wish you were my Dad (no disrespect to my own Dad who I adore, and let’s gloss over the fact that you are probably only a decade older than me….). But I gotta say. After reading this I’m super glad that you aren’t the one making my dinner! Good lord, man!

    • Danny Tanner

       /  February 5, 2014

      You gotta do what you gotta do – food on the table, that’s what counts!

  2. Mom

     /  February 5, 2014

    You get an “A” for effort! At times when your Dad tries a “newspaper recipe” he also gets an “A” for effort. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but he loves to try something new. Loves to cook in his retirement but likes the challenge of doing something different. You’re Just a chip of the Ham block. Keep trying. He’s gotten to be a pretty good cook in his old age. By the time you turn 76 you’ll be a chef like your brother who is a genius with a grill…not too bad in the kitchen either. Tell DJ she can have a turn too. She knows a little about cooking and has a Ham family cookbook to help.

  3. hahahahaha! Nice!!! I think that is a perfect way to take a restaurant meal and modify it for at home! 😉 I may actually have to do that…

  4. Mel Ham

     /  February 5, 2014

    do i need to send you the video of chicken nuggets. REpeat after me” I shall never buy, or consume a chicken nugget ever again!!” The only variance to the declaration is Chic Fila where there is real chicken. REally It is a pink python that they mold those things out of…captain crunch is better. Eggos..not so bad!….

  5. Aunt Susan

     /  February 5, 2014

    I truly have to admit that when I read the title I thought, ” Oh, what has he done now?”
    then I read the story, and I feel the need to repeat myself.

  6. Aunt Susan

     /  February 5, 2014

    P.S. at least my special needs kids make their own REAL waffles!


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