Sunday Post 174: On the Edge of Yikes

A couple of weeks ago I heard this guy, Bob Goff, speak at a YMCA training. He wrote the book Love Does.

He made several  strong points.  One that has really made me think was: Live on the edge of “yikes.”

He had us think of a time when we yelled, “yikes!” He wanted us to think about what we were doing at the time and how it made us feel.

It took me a while to think about a time when I had a yikes sort of feeling. I think my life is essentially yikesless. Especially yikes that I intentionally seek out.

Being a widower, being a single father, a job my boss tossed my way are all disconcerting, but none were chosen.  I was yikesed. I didn’t choose it.

He said to consciously seek it. To put yourself out there even when it makes you feel nervous. Help others, even when it’s uncomfortable. Take a risk, with career or relationships or your faith.

Get out there. Find your yikes!

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  1. I completely agree!!! I am on a path to seek out “Yikes” moments – although I wasn’t calling them that until right now! Especially as a single parent we can forget to have heart stopping fun in our lives! Here’s to you having some Yikes moments!


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