Sunday Post 200: Sing and Dance!

Sometimes we just don’t let loose.  You ain’t lived til you sing and dance.

This is some of the choreography from the play the girls and I were in this Christmas, Ira David Wood’s A Christmas Carol.  You don’t get the full effect without the costumes, but this is essentially our biggest number.

Next time you get the chance, let it out.  It’s therapeutic!


(In the new year, I’ll be posting every Wednesday as usual.  I’m cutting back on the Sunday posts though.  I’m too busy right now to keep up with writing two blogs every single week.  I’ll toss one in when I have something interesting to say.  Hope you’ll keep up with me mid week!  Thanks for reading.)


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  1. Dad

     /  December 28, 2014

    Ira David Wood, both father and son, can hang up their “Bah Humbugs.” With that performance you’re sure to be taking on the lead role soon.

  2. Loved the choreo!

  3. Have no clue why you weren’t the lead! 😉 Great performance!

  4. i don’t know what to say. 🙂

  5. also boo and hiss on not writing as much.

  6. yo, i need you to follow me and tell me really what you think. I can’t figure out how to tell you this more private. so i’m laughing , can you see my “pic” does it lead to my blog?


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