91 Useless Hours



I am done.  I’m moving to Florida.

Can you imagine living in Boston?  I mean, why, why, why would you choose to spend your life, or even 45 minutes, in a place that feels like the Siberian Tundra?

Over the past three weeks, my children have missed more school than they’ve attended due to inclement weather, and they have also watched more TV than imaginable.

As busy as my oldest daughter seems to be, we recently calculated the number of hours she has spent watching the TV series Gossip Girls over the past few weeks.  I believe it to be about 91.  NINETY-ONE hours.

Can you imagine what could be accomplished in that amount of time?

Extreme Home Makeover could do an overhaul of your entire home, demolish and rebuild, in 91 hours.  You could fly around the world in a Boeing 747, TWICE, and have enough time leftover to play a round of golf.  If she moved quickly, 91 hours might even be enough time for DJ to fully clean up her room.  Well, the way it looks today, that might be pushing it.

DJ, Stephanie and Michelle don’t just watch a single show.  No, all three log-on to Netflix and watch television series.  Like from show 1 to show 200 – or more!  Michelle is addicted to Gilmore Girls.  Both of her sisters have completed that epic and have moved on to others.

They are now asking me to upgrade our Netflix account so that more people in the family can watch different shows at one time.

Guess what?  That ain’t happening.

Well, unless all four of us get trapped in this house for another 24 hour period.  Come to think of it, Netflix may be the only reason someone in this foursome is not dead yet.


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  1. I had to. I gave up the cable. we must all stream at night. in ice storms. and if the grandparents visit…. Ms. Jackie’s gotta watch her shows!

    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 14, 2015

      I guess I could cancel cable or Netflix and take care of the issue…

  2. The Netflix addiction is real

  3. melbrantley

     /  March 11, 2015

    Netflix addiction is definitely real. Gilmore Girls is still one of my favorite all time shows. Unfortunately I don’t have any great tips to overcoming the addiction… my husband and I suffer from it as well. Love your blog!

  4. seriously, I went ot Florida on Vacation this weekend… I am so gonna move there! nad ya to netflix! haha

  5. LOL! My niece called the other night “I can’t get on Netflix, can I have your Hulu info?” 🙂 Apparently everyone in their house had logged in!

  6. Aunt Susan

     /  March 11, 2015

    Netflix what is that? did you talk to your B-I-L about living in Boston, does he miss it? Makes you really appreciate the south.

  7. I’m guilty of doing that and I live in Florida. :p

  8. Your girls definitely have good taste in series if they’re watching Gilmore Girls. I watched it all through my teens and still find it very relatable in my twenties. May I recommend Bunheads next? 😉

  9. Tales of a Twin Mombie

     /  March 12, 2015

    Netflix is extremely addictive! Got through all of Gilmore Girls and am on the fifth season of One Tree Hill. It’s just so good!

  10. My son does the same thing!


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