A Silver Lining

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I do miss my kids when they are away for extended periods.  The oldest two are at Camp Seafarer on the coast of North Carolina; DJ for the whole summer, Stephanie for a month.  But what a great opportunity for Michelle and me!

I don’t think I realize how critically important it is to have that one-on-one time with my kids.  When you are shoved in a car together, just the two of you, for hours on end, you sing, you laugh, you talk!

Four times in the last year DJ and I have taken college tours, just the two of us.  We found a school, which was our ultimate goal, but we also began to build our impending adult relationship.

We nearly got trapped in an elevator; one trip we hit Chic Fil A four times in one day, we discovered Aloft Hotels and a mutual love of sushi.

i enjoyed a week with Stephanie when Michelle was at camp.  We ate out every, single night.  We took three walks around the neighborhood, she even advised me on the redecoration of the guest bedroom.  She has a good eye.

And now, it’s me and the little one.

How valuable it is.

I bet there are others in my life I should spend a bit of one-on-one with –


Nieces and nephews

My brother

Uncle Jesse (remember him?)

Friends who mean so much

Sometimes I hesitate because of time.  But generally, it’s laziness on my part.  A lack of motivation to take the time to make that call.

It’s difficult to build and maintain a relationship when you don’t make them a priority.  Perhaps I’ll work on that.


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  1. Your kids look so happy! I’m glad that you see the value in building relationships with them all and making them all feel special! It’s refreshing to see!

  2. One-on-one time w/ the kids is one of those things they’ll remember long after we’re gone. I think most of us parents don’t quite see it as importantly as it should be seen. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Several years ago I had to make the decision to make the friends in my life one of my priorities, because it is so easy to let those relationships slide, and life really is better when you are more well rounded and take time to nurture and cultivate the relationships in your life. Good Luck!

  4. Aunt Susan

     /  July 29, 2015

    you are so right about making time to spend with friends. So where is Jesse? and do I get some time?

    • Danny Tanner

       /  August 1, 2015

      He was over last weekend hanging with michelle. we are all just busy! come to see us!

  5. one on one time is so important! they won’t forget a second of it either. you are so special to them


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