Breeze and Coffee, mmmmmm…

annie in mini

I’m almost 50.  It’s about time for a mid-life crisis.  I mean, the likelihood that I’ll live to 100 is slim to none.  I’m actually behind.

I can’t have an affair, I’m not married.

I really can’t grow a goatee; work won’t allow me to come in scruffy.

I can’t quit my job.  I got kids to support.  Plus, I really like what I do.

Sometimes I don’t get a haircut for six or eight weeks.  That’s me rebelling.  Whoa.

But this week, I sort of got to sow some oats.

DJ traded cars with me on Sunday so she could bring all of her stuff home from summer camp, and she left me with her convertible mini cooper.  Whoop- whoop!

I whipped around town without regard to anyone who might be watching.  I sang, I grooved, the breeze was inspiring.

Michelle was less enthusiastic.  She  and I have differing opinions of the appropriate use of a convertible.  My philosophy is:  It’s a convertible, the top goes down.  Period.

The other day I was driving her to cross-country practice at 7:15 in the morning.  It was beee-u-ti-ful outside, 68 degrees, sunny, a slight breeze.  Naturally, the first thing I did when I got in the car after putting my large jug of coffee in the cup holder, was to press the button that starts the process of opening the roof.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“I don’t understand your question.”

“Don’t open the roof.”

“But this is a convertible.”

“I just braided my hair, and I don’t want to get all smelly.”

“I thought I was taking you to cross-country, not the debutante ball.  The roof is coming off!”


“You are about to run around a lake for an hour.  I think this is the least of your grooming concerns.”

If it was 95 or 32 degrees outside, I might have considered her request.  But it wasn’t.

Besides, when the roof is all shut up, I sort of feel like I’m riding around in a beer can, dark and cramped.

I’ll have to admit, after spinning around in the mini, I do smell a bit musty when I get to work.  And, my hair sort of resembles Phyllis Diller’s, but it is so worth it.

There is something about breeze that brings me to life.  It makes me want to sing loudly, to flail my arms in the wind, to laugh, to take deep breaths.  Add coffee on top of that… mmm, a slice of heaven right on the I-440 beltline.

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  1. Every time I see someone driving around town with a convertible, but their top is up – I have to wonder why they even purchased it in the first place.

  2. I’m with Michelle on this. Whenever we go to the wedding or an “event” I’m forced to ride in a Corvette — with the top off. MY HAIR PEOPLE!! MY HAIR!!

  3. Mom

     /  August 19, 2015

    I’m with Michelle on this. Don’t mess with my hair after I get it combed! It takes too much time to get it to behave and who wants to look disheveled and stink! Wait until she is not in the car to sew your wild oats. True, she was going to cross-country but cut her some slack. Her “female” is just popping out. Humor her a little. Whatever makes her feel good about herself is worth doing right now. She needs to win a few battles. She acquiesces to the whole family so much because she is the youngest. She’s a good kid just like her Dad. And, don’t be rolling roof down when I’m in the car!!! I hate to stink!

  4. ashudson

     /  August 19, 2015

    A feel good read for Wednesday morning! 2 thumbs up!

  5. And that is why all of the women kept a spare scarf in the car, to protect their hair with the windows were down or when the top was off… it’s just a given, if you are worried about your hair, leave a hair scarf in the car. (Not even kidding, my great grandmother and a cute little plastic one that folded up nice and small that stayed in the car!)

  6. I agree with Kate, or a pony tail holder. Keep the hair under control and enjoy the fresh air! Love driving with my windows down.

  7. Aunt Susan

     /  August 19, 2015

    Or a hat, that does cause hat hair but it’s a rag top! I agree why have it if your not going to use it? I have even driven in the rain with the top down! just dodged the rain drops!

  8. Amen! I’ve been driving a Mini for 10 years, and though it’s not a convertible, with the sun roof open and the windows down it might as well be! A little boost for every day. Tell Michelle I keep a ball cap in the car. A Mini ball cap 🙂

  9. Kooky Chic

     /  September 2, 2015

    Phyllis Diller hair, fantastic. Thanks for the laugh.


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