Rainbow Vomit

I love conversations with my daughters.  You just never know what they might say or what we might do.

On Saturday night, DJ called at midnight from Thurston Hall at The George Washington University.

“Hey dad.  What you doing?”

” I’m out at a dance club with all of my fifty year old friends doing jello shots!!  WHAT DO YOU THINK I’M DOING???  I’M IN BED!!”  I thought I should clarify, just in case.

I was so excited to hear her voice, the next hour of sharing was as if it was 10 AM (my peak time of day).

On Thursday I went to put Stephanie to bed, and she lamented that I was leaving town for the weekend with several of my buddies.  I was actually happy that she didn’t want me to leave even though had I been at home she would have essentially ignored. me.

She then pulled up her iPhone, and we spent the next 45 minutes vomiting rainbows:

It was awesome.

On the way to school last Wednesday morning, Michelle shared a fascinating piece of information.

“Dad, I heard that school is having to change the sweatshirt design.”

“Really?  I like the old one.  Why are they doing that?”

“Well, you know that the letters on the sleeve spell Titans?”


“So, when you pull your sleeves up, the A and the N disappear.”


“And… the S moves up!”

And in a whispered voice she dropped the bomb, “And you know what that spells!”

At least her Wordly Wise spelling lessons are sinking in.

I do enjoy my kids.

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  1. I am always guaranteed to laugh when you post something. I love it.

  2. the rainbow vomit thing is a genius invention by snapchat

  3. Making memories Danny. Super sweet.

  4. This morning Mr. T and I were playing on Snapchat with all of the faces.. but they have removed the vomiting rainbow… I was a bit disappointed. And now after reading this, I’m awfully glad my session wasn’t recorded! 🙂

  5. Aunt Susan

     /  September 23, 2015

    sometimes I worry about you. and others I skip the worrying and just know.

  6. Mom

     /  September 24, 2015

    Susan, you are so funny! Bruce needs an “aunt” like you to keep him in line.

  7. I enjoyed this. Could have been me, my kids, some 15 yrs. ago. Enjoy! and thanks.

  8. hmmmmmmm thats how it shud always beeee. some fathers dont care

  9. Ally

     /  October 22, 2015

    UGH I do Wordly Wise at school too! I don’t like it. AT ALL. Poor Michelle…


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