Hairy Face

Bruce with beard

Once again the Tanner clan, well three of us, are fortunate enough to participate in Ira David Wood’s A Christmas Carol  which will be performed at the Duke Energy Center in Raleigh, starting tonight, and at the Durham Performing Arts Center next week.

It is both wonderful and insane.  The insanity is primarily related to trying to fit three to six nights of play rehearsals/performances into an already blistering work, church and school schedule.  The wonderful part is the diverse and zany cast.

Although simply a chorus member, I have an assigned identity – this year, I am the cheese-maker.

David Wood encourages us to take on a persona, to really live into our character imagining what an early 19th century cheese-maker might actually be like.  I think my cheese-maker has a good sense of humor.  He smells bad, showers were hard to come by back then.  I envision him with Popeye like forearms (due to all that churning) and chronic back pain from lifting those humongous blocks of cheese.  Oh, and he’s making lots of money this time of year cause you gotta have cheese at a nice Victorian holiday drop in!  So he is happy at Christmastime.  I’m guessing he also has facial hair.  I mean who has time to shave when you’re up to your ears in Gouda.

This year, back in early October, the play costumer suggested that some of the performers consider growing beards.  I was committed to my character but spend six weeks pondering the fate of my chin.

I talked with the girls, Michelle and Stephanie were encouraging.  I asked several co-workers who also gave the green light, although now I’m thinking simply to have another reason to razz me.  At any rate, I took the bait.  I have not shaved since the Friday before Thanksgiving.

It’s interesting the comments you get when you change something significant about your appearance.  I wonder if women who color their hair get the same feedback.

Oh, there are many who act as if they don’t notice.  Perhaps if you can’t say something nice, it is better not to say anything at all.  Others have grossly differing views:

“Cut that crap off your face as soon as you possibly can!”

That one hurt…

“I think it’s a fine look, if you’re TRYING to look older.”

Oh my…

“I think it makes you look sexy.”

The guy who said that is weird anyway.

Or, “You’re just trying to look sexy,” a co-worker bantered in the break room.

I can assure you, looking sexy was not a major motivator for not shaving.  I’m a realist.  I know there are a lot of words that could be used to describe me.  Sexy, not top of mind.

In fact, last year a friend of mine, Sarah, shared that she was on a walk with another woman and my name came up.  I think they were pondering who they might set me up with.  The other woman said, “Tell me about Danny.  Is he cute?”

I asked Sarah how she responded.

She said, “Well, my first response was, ‘he has a great personality!’”

“Geeze Sarah.  Great personality?  I mean seriously.”

How many times have I used that line when describing very kind people whose personal strengths are not visible to the naked eye?


Anyway, I’m not shaving for three reasons:

1)  I have an excuse:  the play.

2)  I have always wanted to see what a beard looks like on this face.

3)  I ABHOR shaving.

It’ll be off by January.  The damn things itching me to death.

Come see our the performance:

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  1. Mel Ham

     /  December 9, 2015

    you look AbraHAM ish…..I like it…go on with your sexy great personality self.

  2. I love it!! Sexy it is, sir!

  3. What a great reason to experiment! Enjoy the change 🙂

  4. Carolanne Plummer

     /  December 9, 2015

    I think you look pretty damn good! But, then again, I’m kinda partial. You favor Kenny Loggins a little. I wish I could come see your performance. Break a leg!!

  5. Mom

     /  December 9, 2015

    I think you’re handsome as all get out. But then, don’t Mom’s always think that? I think your Dad looks good with one too but he says it itches him terribly. He, too, grew one for a Christmas play one time. His younger granddaughters didn’t like it. That was IT! If his granddaughters didn’t like it and it itched, that was enough for him to shave it. Yours is exceptionally good looking on you, though. Wear it and enjoy the change. You niece’s fiancés both have one. Join the family crowd. Maybe I can get Wayne to grow one for Christmas!

  6. CBHall

     /  December 9, 2015

    I’ll be there tomorrow (Thurs.) night with my binoculars. Thanks for the heads up on your “new” appearance; otherwise, I might not have recognized you. Will be on the lookout for the girls and Uncle Jesse(?). Does Michelle get to play a girl this year? Guess I’ll find out….

    • Danny Tanner

       /  December 12, 2015

      Jesse did not try out this year. Too busy with life. Michelle is a Cratchitt – and a girl!

      • CBHall

         /  December 12, 2015

        Yep, saw you with cheeses. Thought you looked rather debonair with your “beardlet”. Saw your lovely girls and unless I’m mistaken, looks like Michelle has had a spurt in height; now taller than Stephanie? Took my niece for her first time to “CC”; she was obviously enjoying it, said she thought it was great.

      • Danny Tanner

         /  December 20, 2015

        We won’t remind Stephanie that her younger sister has surpassed her in the growth dept!

      • CBHall

         /  December 20, 2015

        Awww…no knock on Stephanie. Nothing wrong with being petite. I was just amazed that Michelle no longer looked like a little kid. Time flies…

  7. Mary Ann Olsen

     /  December 9, 2015

    Looks sexy!

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. My husband grew a beard for “No Shave November” (awareness for prostate cancer) and he has decided to keep it for a bit. I think he looks somewhat professorial, but my Mom said he looks like a terrorist. Hmmm. He has been very itchy too but bought a beard moisturizer which has helped!!

  9. Aunt Susan

     /  December 9, 2015

    Well my vote is keep it, it looks good, of course your mom and I both have exceptional taste!
    and you do have a great personality!, but again I agree with your mom.

    so keep it and start a family tradition!

  10. Well, I think you’re hot. Especially with the facial hair.

  11. Alma Cutler

     /  December 9, 2015

    Good looking, makes you look a little older, but still handsome as ever.

  12. Anne

     /  December 9, 2015

    Mmmmm, men with facial hair. It seems to fit the part perfectly. Keep it, even if it does itch. You’ll get used to it. 🙂

  13. Sue Garriss

     /  December 19, 2015

    Saw the show last night and the facial hair and all the performances were fabulous!! A tradition for 30+ years for me. Had a glimpse of you and the girls in the parking deck. I just know Lisa (my middle school student) is smiling down on you – beard or not :).


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