The Gut

A dear friend of mine just resigned from the YMCA where we have worked together for thirty years.  She got an awesome opportunity to work with a former co-worker at the Y in Richmond.  Her kids are both in college, and it just seemed like a great opportunity for her to start anew.  She basically lived in Raleigh her entire life and most of her career, although in different positions, has been in one organization.  Gutsy move.

Big decisions are daunting for me.  I play out scenario after scenario – what if…

I recently went through a significant one with Michelle on high school choice.  That one was not mine to make, but I did hold some responsibility for coaching.

Stephanie is beginning to ponder colleges.  Another biggie.  Where you go to college will set the compass for the rest of your life:  where you live, your future spouse, your kids – all of those things ride on ONE significant decision.

Through the years, I’ve had opportunities to apply for other jobs similar to my friend.  I’ve considered selling my house and downsizing.  Occasionally I get the bug to pick up and leave the comfort of Raleigh, where I’ve spent the past 33 years, just to try something new.  But my roots are so very deep.

I have another friend who has had job after job.  She has lived in at least four cities in North Carolina, in Minnesota, and Colorado.  She has gone to various higher education institutions to chase her dreams.  And, she has always made new friends and adapted well.

I once saw a movie called Sliding Door.  The movie highlights Helen’s life.  She gets fired from her job and heads to the subway for home.  In one scenario, she catches the train and finds her boyfriend cheating on her in their apartment.  In another scenario, she misses the train and has no idea what he did.  The movie follows these two parallel lives.  And the outcome at the end is remarkably different, simply because of one train ride.

I suppose the lesson here is that any decision we make, big or small, can drastically change the course of our lives.  Lisa’s sister met her husband at a bar one night years ago.  Had she stayed at home to watch Grey’s Anatomy, who knows?

I asked my friend how she decided to make the move – what pushed her to jump.  Her reply?  “My gut.”

She simply felt it was the right thing to do at the right time.

Although I’m not happy with her for leaving, I’m pretty sure she’s made the right decision.  A little prayer and the following of your “gut” can lead you to some pretty incredible things.



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  1. Mel Ham

     /  April 12, 2017

    the heart and the gut are in the same area…hard to tell them apart. Another thing is sometimes trials, hard times, put you in a place to move forward. I think about Chad leaving wood lake. Several events sealed that deal. I felt responsible, sorry and yet happy that he would be closer to me. Many days you wonder why did that just happen, what is this about, what’s the point? in the end, these things are revealed and you say AH! that’s what that was for… you much your SIL

  2. Aunt Susan

     /  April 12, 2017

    Sometimes you just know when to make a move, even if no one else can see it or understand. Let’s all rememver that.

    where or has she decided on High School yet?

  3. Debbie

     /  April 12, 2017

    Sometimes it’s a LOT of prayer and your gut! I moved to Raleigh from Maryland last summer. My daughter was “launched”, I had a great career opportunity, and a chance for an adventure. It was a step of faith – a big one for me, but it was a great decision and I know I’m where I’m supposed to be! Sometimes you just have to take the chance. 😊

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 18, 2017

      Whew – I think you’re right. But it can certainly be scary!


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