CURAD Ouchless

My fiancé, Julie, finally sold her house.  We moved her out this weekend into a temporary place in Charlotte.  Now, it’s my turn.  It’s like dominos – one step forward puts the next in motion.  When we finish, the plan is marriage and ONE house.  After five years of dating, it’s probably time.

I’ve had workmen at my house shoring up odd jobs, and I’ve been cleaning out like a crazy person.  I’ve watched Julie do the same.

It’s interesting what you find – it’s fun, it’s dirty, and sometimes it pierces a heartstring.

Last night I was shoring up the Rubbermaid band aid container.  Does everyone have a band aid box with various shapes and sizes of stick ‘ems and gauze?  In my quest to clean out, I came across an old tin of CURAD Ouchless Bandages.  I started to toss it without looking in.  But that’s not my style.  No, I look in everything to see if there is any feasible reason I might want to save something.  I hate to throw things out – what if I could reuse it?  An old towel could become a new rag.  What if someone else could use it?  My junk is another’s treasure.  What if it conjures up a memory that I might otherwise lose?  A hand drawn card from Michelle dubbing me the “best father” of all time!  That’s like an Oscar for me.

I opened the can and there were no boo-boo strips.  Instead two bills, one dollar and a five.  On the dollar, my grandmother had written:  This bill was in my father’s wallet on the day that he died, July 30, 1965.  On the five the same message but for my great-grandmother, This bill was in mama’s wallet on the day that she died, June 21, 1970.  Also rolled up with the money was a note in my great-grandmother’s writing saying keep this bill always to remember your dad.  I was not yet 1 when my great-grandfather died and only five when his wife passed.  But how cool to have a physical remembrance of their love and our family history.

It is hard to move out of a house that you’ve lived in for nearly thirty years.  The laughs that we’ve had.  The tears that we’ve shed.  The victories and losses.  The weekly totes in of the groceries.  The fall nights on the screen porch.  All are special.  Comfortable.  Warm.

And yet, the danger of gripping so hard to the past is the possibility of foiling the future.  We have to pack our CURAD tins in a cardboard box, and take them with us as we move forward.  Our past can stagnate or add delight to what comes ahead.   I choose delight all day long!

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  1. Steve Montgomery

     /  February 17, 2021

    Oh my. “Delight” yes! Your pen provides me with such. I too will take it, my Good Man……..All day long.

    Wow. Such a terrific share of all things family.

    One day I’ll delight in reciprocating. Going back to share the story of you, keenly sensing ours, simply walking up to warmly greet me and my 3, in the minivan waiting at the gate to Camp Seagull.

    I’ll forever cherish the memory of that day!


    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 2, 2021

      And you have one graduating I think – time passes on my friend!

  2. Meghan Wolf

     /  February 17, 2021

    Your story is a gift. It’s the start of my day here on the west coast, and what a lovely story to start with. I especially appreciate your line about holding on to the past can foil the future. Something to help me push forward at a time when I’m nostalgic for easier times.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  March 2, 2021

      It all comes so fast – and it all passes so fast. The easier times will be here soon I suspect.

  3. Jean Ham

     /  February 17, 2021

    I loved this blog. we have all done this everything has a memory as lone as we don’t save every scrap of paper we’re ok Mom.


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