I’ve got The COVID.  What the heck?

It’s been two years, and I have been so stinkin’ careful.  I’ve worn masks in stores, on planes and trains, in the frozen food aisle at the Food Lion, around my parents (even outside) – EVERYWHERE!  I’ve tolerated my own smelly coffee breath day after day breathing the bitter taste in and out for hours.

I’ve masked while running on a treadmill at the Y spewing spit until my N95 is moist and saliva is dripping down my chin. 

When Stephanie was a baby, she was a HUGE drooler.  You’d put a bib on her and twenty minutes later it would be soaked.  And the smell, oh the smell.  Thankfully that involuntary habit subsided in 2002.  But oh does the mask odor bring back memories.

I’ve Emergen-C’d daily. I like it warmed up in a mug like a nice herbal tea.  We moved our wedding party outside on New Year’s Eve to avoid this plague – and gagged our wedding guests except for the singers.

I received my Moderna as soon as I could – driving to Hoke County over an hour away, twice, for the shot series.  And, I boosted quickly.

Yet here I am… sweating it out.

Adults should NOT have fever.  I haven’t had a temperature since I kissed Joanie Hagar in 9th grade and contracted mono – or was it Mary Bess Davies?  I can’t remember.  Children shouldn’t have knee aches and old people shouldn’t have fever.  We simply aren’t equipped.  I already have internal climate issues and this is NOT helping.

Julie has me drinking a fishbowl full sized container of water every hour – she thinks you can cure small pox with hydration.

Yet here I sit:  fever, sore throat, a slight cough and aches and rescheduling eight in-person meetings on the calendar this week.

I’ll test again this afternoon, just to make sure, although I’m fairly certain the gig is up.

Keep Julie in your prayers – I don’t sit very well.

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  1. CBHall

     /  April 13, 2022

    I can certainly relate to this post…have been sooo careful for the last 2 years…masking, following the guidelines, etc. Then first of this month went to the Final Four in NOLA and apparently caught the virus there. Aside from airports/planes, the only mask requirement signs I saw were on streetcars; everywhere else in The Big Easy it was easy come, easy go with regard to masks. I’m now taking meds which help, but are leaving a vile taste in my mouth. BTW, we encountered Uncle Jesse not once, but twice, on our trip.

    Best wishes with your recovery! Kudos to your nurse!

  2. Susan Permar

     /  April 13, 2022

    Oh Julie! I feel for you. I have a condo at the beach coming up, girls only wanna/need to come?

    Aunt Susan

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