No Hot Water

It was there on a Sunday – gone on a Monday. How does that happen? From hot and steamy to cold?

Miserable!!  Just miserable. 

I don’t love the morning when I’m facing a strong cup of coffee and a very hot shower. Imagine my disdain for sunrise with our water a cool 60 degrees.

The plumber came on day two – that seemed like quick work. He ordered the part. It should be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow came.  Tomorrow went.

I called the parts store. “It’s on backorder,” she said as sweet as could be.

“When will it come?” I pressed.

“Hopefully in the next few days.”

“What does that mean?”

“I can’t guarantee anything, but you will get an email when it ships.”

My Gmail was barren so I called again. The message the same but this time a man.

“We’ve been without hot water for four days, do you understand? My skin and bones are cold!! GIVE ME A DATE! When, WHEN will I’ll get my part!”

“We cannot guarantee when the part will be there but you’ll get an email when it ships.” It’s like a robot these answers from the folks on the phone. Are they bone cold shivering two times each day?

We cleaned up at the Y – thank goodness I’m a member. I tried at my office, there’s a shower in the bathroom. I had my towel and change of clothes, but I forgot soap. There was an old bar sitting there, it looked like Dial. A used bar of soap from an unknown stranger? I hope it’s not the sweaty guy from the third floor I’ve seen in the elevator.

I don’t even care! I just need heat!

I stripped down to my birthday suit and grabbed hold of the faucet. Nothing came out, just a cough and a sputter – naked in the office bathroom, all that for naught.

I got into a routine – shower at night – hands and forearms first, then feet. Soap knee down to calf, arms, head, face and hair. The torso was last, my most sensitive part. Rinse hair in the morning at the kitchen sink basin to press out the cow licks and to wake up my brain.

Week one my wife said “there are studies that say there are benefits to cold showers,” her glass an amazing half full. “I’m struggling to find them, those benefits you speak of.” By week two even she packed her bag several nights to find warmth – “I just can’t take it!” then off to the Y.

Three weeks from day one, a new tank, and four visits from our technician, it came back on. It is interesting to think about the things we take for granted – a warm shower, shelter, and food in our bellies. 

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  1. Wow, three weeks, that’s a long time.


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