Dance Party, Dellwood Drive

Posted by Danny

Tanners love ourselves some sleepovers!  There’s nothing we’d rather do on a Friday night.

Maybe this is why…


Don’t you wish you could spend a weekend with us?


Posted by DJ

Recently my Dad has been on this workout rant. I mean, he is always doing something to try and get rid of his flabbyness. Once he lifted cans of baked beans, other times he has come up with his own lifting patterns which I swear he just made up to embarrass me.

I wonder when he will realize there is just no use. He is a forty-six year old man, if he wanted to be big and buff he should have figured that out in high school.

But lately, he has discovered P90X. He borrowed it from one of his friends (I’m not sure which one, but when I find out they will pay, big time).

Here is the basic gist of this daily workout.  It is about an hour-long and consists of:

Some man named Tony Horton, who is ripped and has gorgeous abs, yelling at you through the television. Half the time you cannot even understand what he is saying.

Now when Tony gets tired, he stops exercising and just walks around and tells everyone else working out in the room with him what they are doing wrong. So helpful.

In this multi-disk program, you use weights and huge rubber bands, and occasionally a chair or two.

The point of this blog post is to let you know how embarrassing it is when I have friends over and your dad walks out into the kitchen (where our food is prepared) all sweaty and smelly and he starts having a conversation with your guest who is obviously disgusted. The worst part is his outfit. He either wears gym shorts or his underwear and a t-shirt with holes in it (which my mother tried to get rid of on multiple occasions, guess I should take that responsibility over).

I am not saying that it is bad that he is working out and keeping himself in shape. I’m just saying that he did not “go up a size in sports coats, because my arms are getting too buff.” You think he was kidding, or I made that quote up? Nope, dead serious this came out of his mouth with a straight face.

Pigs A Plenty

Dad's i phone background picture - you know he wants one

Posted by DJ

We are getting a pig.

Yes – this is legal in Raleigh, if it weighs less than 100 lbs and is shorter than 22 inches in height. I’ve done my research.

It’s Dad’s fault.  He came home and told all three of his daughters about how his friend had recently gotten a pig for her birthday.  Then he admitted he really wanted one.

Normally when we bring up pets, specifically dogs, he just screams “NO!” and the conversation is over.  I know he really wants a pig because he brought it up and does not completely refute the idea when it is discussed.

Jesse and I have it all planned out.  It will stay in a crate in the backyard playhouse with a chicken wire fence surrounding it, built by Uncle Jesse.  In the winter it will stay in the basement hallway, out of the way of house guests.

Dad asks, “Who will take care of it when we are out-of-town?”

Jesse  responded, “Seriously? I would feel bad for asking anyone if they would take care of my huge dog for the next week.  But a pig?  People would gladly volunteer to take care of your pig because that just doesn’t happen everyday.”

Jesse also decided when we got a pig it would have to be pink.  “None of those brown or black pigs,” he said.  I thought that was pretty funny; he’s not usually the type to care.

Dad may say we are not getting a pig, but we totally are.  It will happen, and when it does we will need plenty of volunteer babysitters.  Leave a comment if you are in favor of this notion or if you will pig sit for us.  After all it’s not a childhood without a pet.

The Jolly Roger

Posted by DJ

This past week, we have been at Topsail Beach with my moms’ side of the family.  We have many traditions when we go to Topsail, such as Putt Putt, Dairy Queen, crabbing, and burying each other in the sand.  This year I may have established a new tradition!

The Jolly Roger Pier is about a 10 minute walk on the beach from our rental beach house.  Generally, we chose a night to take the entire family for a walk on the pier, which we did as planned.  I curiously asked my dad what time the pier closed.  He said he didn’t think it ever closed – crazy people fished all night long.  “In that case,” I said, “let’s go at midnight!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Everything is more fun at 12:00 a.m.”  He’s getting really old.

So after everyone was asleep, except for my dad and me, we sneaked out of the house, and walked down the dark beach to the pier.  He was right, there were a few folks there fishing. 

We didn’t stay long, but we had fun hanging out.

I will definitely try to continue this tradition. (Whether I will be successful is debatable.)

Uncle Jesse

Posted by DJ

Uncle Jesse.  He may or may not know this, but I look up to him…alot. I honestly think he is one of the coolest uncle’s I will ever have.  He is always in the loop. 

A new song comes out, he knows it.   And he shares this knowledge with me.   I occasionally pass it on to a friend or two and within a moth, it is the most played song on the radio.   I have no idea where he gets this information, probably one of his many buddies.

It’s always my buddy Chip or Justin or Bomani.  What do you have to do to be Jesse’s “buddy”?  I don’t know.  But I do know he has over 1,000 facebook friends.  That is a lot of people.

He knows everyone.  Also, I look up to his musicality.  I used to take piano, but Jesse says he never really had official lessons, but he can hear a song once and play it almost perfectly.  He sits down at the piano (except Tuesdays, that’s basketball night) for about 20 minutes every day.  Half the time I have no idea what the song is, but I still seem to really enjoy his loud semi-annoying singing which I can hear very clearly from my room.  He gets one song in his head for like a week and then only plays that one song, so by the end of the week I also know a new song.

Jesse also has a lot of flaws, but I will save those for another post as I don’t want to ruin this one.

 He is a big part if my life.  Home, church, and as of recently school.  He has been subbing a lot in different classes and he is also the track coach. We argue, and mess with each other, but I know, and I hope he knows, that I love him and always will.

50% of the time he seems like a little brother.  The other half he is like a second dad.  We go places as a family, me, dad, Steph, Michelle and Jesse and often we get stares from passersby.  We don’t look like a normal family.  One old guy, one middle aged guy, a teenager, two kids and no mom.  A little confusing, but we are a family no matter how weird we are.  He has been a huge help through these hard times and I couldn’t have done it with out him.  Thanks Uncle Jesse.

Short Sheet the Dad

On the way home from school, with my grandparents, we call them Mae and Gaga, we began talking about how to short sheet a bed.  Michele and Stephanie really wanted to know how this funny prank played out.

If you don’t know how watch:

As soon as we got home, we decided we had to teach them how on Dad’s bed to aggrevate him and to show them how.  We unmade the bed, and with Mae’s help remade the bed perfectly.  I told Mae and Gaga, they stay up late, to wait up and take a picture of dad when he got in bed.  Gaga saw the light go off and a few moments later it turned back on.  He could here moaning and groaning coming from dad’s room.  That’s when he ran in the room and took the picture.


Dad said, “I am tired, I am a single parent.  Why did you do this to me?!  You should have just told me, I would have posed for a picture for the blog and I could have been asleep five minutes ago!”

Mae and Gaga just laughed and wished Michele, Stephanie, and I were awake to see his reaction.

Watch out Jesse, you might be next!

Uncle Jesse’s Night Life

Posted by DJ

Thursday Night:  Asleep by 9:13

Friday Night: Asleep by 8:57

He’d be an exciting date wouldn’t he?

My Dad Is Cheap

Posted by DJ

My Dad is so cheap. On the snow day, of course we got bored.  So, we were looking for something to do within walking distance of our house. There is a Bruegger’s Bagel and  a nail salon.  I suggested that we walk up to the shopping center, grab a bagel, and get our nails done.  My dad’s quick response?   “Do we have any gift certificates?”

“I don’t think so,” I responded, “we finished the nail one off last time we went.”   Well, he goes and checks for a gift card anyway, and sure enough finds one.  He was so excited and so were Stephanie and Michelle, until he said, “Wait, it only has $4.00 left…what else could we do today?”  And sure enough we did not end up getting our nails done, but went to a movie instead because we had a gift card.  But we forgot it so we had to pay full price.

So cheap

Floral Feet

Posted by DJ

Ok so my dad spent a lot of money on these shoes…ugh. They have like polka dots on them and kind of look like they have doilies all over them. In my opinion they look like some shoes that Vera Bradley would sell for men. Again, he’s such a dork.

Exercise? Really?

Posted by DJ

My dad is “lifting weights” with cans of baked beans.  He is a dork.


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