Rehearsal Dinner

Posted by Danny

It’s a Katsopolis family tradition to compose and sing a song at all familiy weddings.  Since Kenny has been like a member of the family for the past 32 years, a performance was in order. 

Here are the lyrics, written by Jesse:

(To the tune of 867-5309)

Kenny, Kenny, you need to get married

We’re here to help you we know it can be scary

We would have thought that you’d gotten over your fears

Since you’ve been dating for like 13 years


Kenny we got you a woman

You need to make her yours

Kenny don’t lose this woman


Kenny, Kenny it’s not as hard as it seems

Specially since we found the girl of your dre-ams

And I don’t mean like dreams that you’ve had before

Like the one where you played on the PGA tour


Just try it, Just try it

We really think you will enjoy

You’ll like it, you’ll like it

Even though you’re a Mama’s boy

And Katherine for you this could be a bit scary

Because his arms and hands and feet are so hairy

But there is no question who he likes the best

They only one to pass the Capon test


Borrowing My Genes

Posted by Uncle Jesse

Without a doubt (in my mind, at least) DJ is the child most like her mother. This makes sense, of course–being the oldest she spent 13 years by Lisa’s side, 30% more than did Stephanie and nearly twice as much as Michelle.

And though we are very different in some aspects, Lisa and I were most definitely cut from the same cloth, so naturally I see a little bit of myself in DJ. She is a leader among her peers, funny, social, and is a sucker for guilty pleasure TV shows (I’m more bad MTV reality shows and she’s more America’s Next Top Model). She even slid in nicely this summer at Capon Springs as my new partner for the vaunted shuffleboard tournament, replacing Lisa. She adopted the team ethos: if we win, great. If we lose, even better–more time to do other activities!

Our assessments of our team's shuffleboard chances differed slightly

Of course (and never having been an actual parent, I’m not sure but maybe this is something all parents go through) sometimes I worry about DJ and I being similar. I think back to difficult times or mistakes I’ve made in my life and fear that the DNA or genes or character traits or family attributes that may have contributed to those will then fall on her (or any of the girls, for that matter).

Fortunately, there are certain things she won’t have to worry about getting from me.

I hope she always looks up to her Uncle....but not TOO much

Recently DJ was hanging out with Kimmy Gibbler, who was asking her about her hair. A total towhead as a child, DJ’s blond has been looking more and more brunette-ish the past few years. I was the same way–in fact I was so accustomed to being “blond-haired and blue-eyed” as a child that when I got my first driver’s license I checked “blond” for hair color despite the fact that my hair was pretty much light brown at that point.

“Where did you get your blond hair from?” Kimmy asked her, noticing that no one else in our family has such light-colored locks.

“I don’t know,” said DJ. “I think maybe I get it from my uncle. He had blond hair as a kid, but it became brown when he was, like, a teenager.”

“Oh, no!” Kimmy replied. “Does that mean you’re going to start balding soon, too?!”

Funny kid, that Gibbler.

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