Sunday Post 147: A Cursing Christian

A friend recently shared a blog post by John Shore entitled The Comfortably Cussing Christian.  I can’t say I agree with everything on his blog site, but I do like this post.

He says that not cursing made his whole upper body feel constipated.  I fully understand where he’s coming from.

I don’t think I cuss a lot, but at times, my more colorful personality is dependent on a damn or hell to emphasize my passion.  When my dad, a Baptist minister, first read my book, he implored me to remove some of the foul language, “Remember your audience,” he reminded me.  At the time I wrote the book, I was pretty pissed off at God.  That’s typically what brings out the most colorful parts of my  vocabulary.

I didn’t really think I’d used that many bad words in my writing, so I did a word search in the 254 page document.  I actually found:

32 Damns

27 Hells

4 of the “s” word

5 Words that start with B

1 GD

And… yea, one of those really bad words too.

To be fair to myself, the GD was actually in my journal – and I just copied that.  So I didn’t actually write it in my book.  I just quoted it from another source…

I painstakingly went through each sentence with a curse word and evaluated its relevance to the story.  My dad was right.  I’d originally overused profanity.  I ended up cutting out about a quarter of my original foul mouthedness, and the book was better for it.

But sometimes the word “rump” just can’t replace a good “ass.”

“Get off your rump and get to work!”

Won’t do – it’s got to be ass (my favorite cuss word by the way).

I replaced the really, really bad word with “#@%&.”  I figured that folks could fill in the symbols with the word of their own choosing.  I’m sure my mother went with rats.  Dear Miss Louisa at church, who said she loved my book, probably chose nuts.  My buddies Dave, Brad, Gordon, and Jeff all knew exactly what to insert in that space.  Heck, they’re probably the ones who taught me that word!

Sometimes I worry that some Christians might judge this Christian by the unsightly words I used in my book.  Some might even question my faith and commitment to God.

Nah – I guess that wouldn’t happen; Christians don’t judge.  Do they?

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