Kay and Thom

tillis and hagan

Thom and Kay are killing me. If I see one more commercial with one candidate bashing another I’m gonna go out of my mind.

Apparently Thom Tillis hates education. He also hates teachers, the elderly and immigrants.

Kay Hagan seemingly has made millions off of the government stimulus package which she voted for – which surprises me because, according to Thom, she is constantly missing meetings and votes because she is always at campaign fundraisers.

Thom says that Kay won’t work with the Republicans.  She says that she was voted the most nonpartisan Senator.  Both of those statement cannot be true.

The other day my friend’s nine-year-old son asked:  “Who are you voting for dad?”

His father responded, “Well, I’m not sure yet.  Probably Kay Hagan.  I think I like her better.”

His son then shared, “You know, you can’t trust Thom Tillis.”

A nine-year-old has deduced that Thom Tillis cannot be trusted!

Why do we fall for it?  Aren’t we smarter than this?

They come on TV, a beautiful setting, its sunny outside.  They introduce themselves and admit that they are responsible for the contents of the message.  And then…

It turns to black and white.  Their opponent has their mouth half-open chomping down on a piece of fried chicken.  Their skin is washed out.  In bold the big letters and numbers start:

96% – the number of times Kay Hagan has voted with Obama, displayed beside the damning figure the most atrocious photo of the duo embracing.  Are Kay and Barack really THAT close?  Are they often standing arm in arm?  I wonder if they go camping together?

$495,000,000 – the amount of money Thom Tillis has taken straight from our school children.  Camera pans in on big-eyed orphans adding with an abacus because there is no money for a calculator. Or a pencil for that matter. By the way, he also hates kids.

And we believe them!  We allow these 20 second blips to color our thoughts about who will be RUNNING our country.  And the biggest problem is, I can’t figure out where to find the truth!  The newspaper is biased, the news stations are biased and the commercials are about as reliable as my 2003 gas-powered edger.

I give up!

And they wonder why folks don’t exercise their right to vote.  Geeze.

My Political Dynasty

Like Joseph Kennedy, I’m working to build a political dynasty.

When DJ announced that she was seeking the position of Student Body President at her all girls’ school, I wondered where she found the confidence to put herself out there like that. I guess she thought she had a chance to win. At that age, I would have simply pondered the potential to lose.

She put together a cracker-jack campaign committee with representatives from all the grades. She handed out home-baked cookies (the whole family helped decorate them), and bacon. Yea, we got up at the butt crack of dawn one morning, cooked bacon and shoved each piece in an individual baggie with her campaign slogan written in Sharpie marker on the Ziplock.

“Why are you handing out bacon,” I questioned.

“Do you like bacon,” she retorted.

“Yah. Everybody does.”

“Well there ya go.”

I gotta give it to her. It worked. Plus, she had a really good speech.

I can already see her in the White House. She’s pretty good at problem solving.  And, her sisters would say that she’s mastered bossing others around.

A few weeks later, Michelle followed in her footsteps by running for Secretary of her middle school. This was her speech:

Roses are red, my granny is swell,

If you want a good secretary, vote for Michelle!


I am an honest girl, never committed a crime,

I’ll be prompt, and I’ll get to the meetings on time.


I am not very good at basketball, I can’t really dribble,

but when I take notes I am neat, and I do n’t scribble.


Student council sells biscuits, they’re only a dollar,

I’ll serve them hot, and you will holla.


I’ll be quick with communicating, I won’t be slow,

I’ll work really hard to keep you in the know.


I am very dependable, don’t worry about me,

If you vote for Michelle, you will see!


I could see her being the Ambassador to Spain in her future. Don’t they just throw parties and stuff?

And the middle kid? Well, the Peace Corps might be in her future, Stephanie has such a heart for serving others – she sincerely cares about people.

This is her on a mission trip attempting to demo a ceiling:

I’ve been told that tearing out ceilings was not her sweet spot but that she can spread insulation like a champ!  Talk about confidence, this kid left home to go to New York with 30 other teens, most 3 to 4 years her senior.

I was pondering their recent accomplishments as I opened their report cards this past week.  When I was their age, I was solidly churning out B’s and spending my free time watching Gilligan’s Island.   I would have no more run for office or gone on a mission trip without my best friends than I would have hang glided over the Grand Canyon.

They may get their humor from me, but I think the rest of their genetic makeup came straight from their mom.  Wish she was here to see all this.





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