One in the bed and the little one said…


For me, there was one grandparent that stole my heart.  Oh, I loved them all.  One granddad took us to get a Slurpee every time we came to town – that was cool.  But this one, we called her Idee, was something else.  Her real name was Ivy but my brother couldn’t say that.  His inability to speak correctly stuck.  She was forever our Idee.

There is something about the grandparent who drops everything when you came to town, but the best part about Idee was she could relate to us.  I distinctly remember just lying on her bed while she got dressed.  She “put on her face” each morning while talking to me about life.  Who would have thought that a seventy-year-old woman could give a 12-year-old advice?  She could.  And I hung on her every word.

When I went to her house to spend the night as a kid, she would pile blankets on the living room floor and my brother and I, along with Idee and Papa, would sleep there.  Before midnight, she would ship my granddad back to the bedroom ’cause his snoring sounded like a freight train.  Come to think of it, perhaps that’s why she was so anxious to not stay the night in her bedroom.

When we arrived at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving last Wednesday, it dawned on me that the day beds in their playroom had four mattresses stored underneath.  For some reason, my holidays with Idee popped into my brain.

“Girls, we’re sleeping on the floor tonight!  Four in a row.”

“But dad, there are lots of beds in this house,” my maturing college sophomore explained to me.

“That, is not the point.”

We retired at around 11, but sleep did not come until much later.

We sang, “There were four in the bed and the little on said, ‘roll over, roll over,’ and one rolled over and one fell out when she hit the floor you could hear her shout.”  And as we rolled across the mattresses, one would hit the floor.

Michelle told us the story of Danny the Ogre.  He wouldn’t let his children drink sodas at restaurants.

We recanted songs that we sang at bedtime when they were young, “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tired and true…”

We named my future grand kids (Obediah, Boaz, Sheamus, Isabella, Minnie), and I chose a granddad name.

We laughed til it hurt, gossiped about most folks we know, and learned the moves to Juju on that beat.

Several days later, I’m still tired.  Although, it was certainly worth it.

Dance Party, Dellwood Drive

Posted by Danny

Tanners love ourselves some sleepovers!  There’s nothing we’d rather do on a Friday night.

Maybe this is why…


Don’t you wish you could spend a weekend with us?

I’ll take a sleepover, for 14, please

Posted by Danny

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and two days ago we decided to have a sleepover.  I’m not sure how we ended up with 14 girls, but we did.  Ages ranged from 8 – 15.  I say knock it out all at once!

Several folks at work asked me today, “Why in the world would you have 14 girls spend the night at your house?  Are you nuts?”

These are my top ten reasons:

Number 10:  Only one night of sleep deprivation.

Number 9:  Seeing this chaos is great birth control for Jesse.

Number 8:  I wanted to support the economy through significant Frito-Lay and Coke purchases.

Number 7:  It’s something to blog about.

Number 6:  I’ll get caught up on all the Justin Bieber gossip.

Number 5:  It’s a manly excuse to watch the Judy Moody movie.

Number 4:  The opportunity to use the mammoth amount of Boy Scout popcorn I bought last year.

Number 3:  It’s good practice for staying up on New Year’s Eve.

Number 2:  Hair, nails and makeup – all free.

And the number 1 reason to have 14 girls sleep over tonight:  I’m racking up major daddy cool points.

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