Good Food

We just returned from the annual Katsopolis family and friend reunion at Capon Springs, West Virginia.  Capon is a modest resort nestled in the corner of West Virginia about an hour and a half from DC.  Lisa’s mother has been going to Capon the third week in August since she was seven years old.

There are many highlights of the week including golf and tennis, a mixed doubles shuffleboard tournament, a spring fed pool (a chilly 68 degrees) and a relatively new addition, their spa.  However, the most favorite activity, as voted on by the Third Week in Capon guests, is EATING!

The food is served family style with eggs cooked to your specific liking every morning.  For the past few years I’ve tried to order them seven different ways – one for each day of the week.

Friday night brings the Talent Show.  Our branch of the Katsopolis family shows well most years, but Uncle Jesse made sure we had a stellar performance this summer.  For those who listen to pop radio, see if you recognize the tune…


Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

We don’t come here, for the golf and tennis

We just come here for what we put in us

Maybe I’ll have some corn, maybe I’ll have some beans

Maybe I’ll have some more of everything

Soon as I smell the rolls, can’t wait to masticate you

One week to eat it all, as much as you are able

They bring more to your table

You don’t need no apron

When you come to Capon

That’s why we can’t wait for…


You know we want it

You know we want it

You know we want it


The plastics classy

Making me gassy

It’s adding inches to my waist line

You know we want it

You know we want it

You know we want it


Ain’t getting thinner

I’m still a winner

What time is dinner?

Freshly sliced tomatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes

It’s a food tornado


I feel so lucky

Cause I’m so hungry

What rhymes with hungry?

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