The Jolly Roger

Posted by DJ

This past week, we have been at Topsail Beach with my moms’ side of the family.  We have many traditions when we go to Topsail, such as Putt Putt, Dairy Queen, crabbing, and burying each other in the sand.  This year I may have established a new tradition!

The Jolly Roger Pier is about a 10 minute walk on the beach from our rental beach house.  Generally, we chose a night to take the entire family for a walk on the pier, which we did as planned.  I curiously asked my dad what time the pier closed.  He said he didn’t think it ever closed – crazy people fished all night long.  “In that case,” I said, “let’s go at midnight!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Everything is more fun at 12:00 a.m.”  He’s getting really old.

So after everyone was asleep, except for my dad and me, we sneaked out of the house, and walked down the dark beach to the pier.  He was right, there were a few folks there fishing. 

We didn’t stay long, but we had fun hanging out.

I will definitely try to continue this tradition. (Whether I will be successful is debatable.)

Sunday Post 24: Stuck in Reverse

Posted by Danny

We’re at Topsail beach this week with Lisa’s side of the family.  We’ve vacationed here, in the same rental house, for about a decade.  The owners aren’t much for redecorating so every piece of furniture, every kitchen utensil, every knickknack seems to symbolize a part of our past. 

My mother-in-law and I can picture Lisa doing the girls’ hair as she sat on the not very attractive off-white leather couch.  The floral vacation sheets I dig out of the trunk in our bedroom have seen years of sandy, slightly sunburned bodies.  The white 80’s style lace on the pillow cases matched the stack of t-shirts Lisa lived in this week.

4:00 – 7:00 pm is my absolute favorite time of the day on the beach.  The strong breeze seems to blow the summer heat away.  Not too cold, but cool enough.  Lisa knew I loved this time of day and each afternoon would head back outside with ice-cold drinks in hand.  We’d spend hours talking about the kids, dreaming of the future, planning our escape from the problems of life. 

Looking back on it, I realize we didn’t have any.

Today I sat alone – my thoughts consumed with her.

Lisa’s mom said she heard of a song entitled Stuck in Reverse.  Sometimes that’s where we all live. 

Grief is a circle; you move forward and circle back.  Perhaps not to the beginning, but sometimes mighty close. 

I’d give both of my eyes to have her back.

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