Easier than Christmas

Posted by Danny

Am I missing anything?

1. Napkins and plates, red with hearts, for Michelle’s school Valentine’s Day party.  At the beginning of the school year, when parents are asked to sign up for class projects and events, I push to the front of the line, even over pregnant moms with great intentions of supporting the teacher.  I act as if I have an important meeting to get to right after Parent Night.  My strategy is to put my name on the sign up sheet next to the easiest thing to do.  I’m all about some plates and napkins. 

2. Cards for each child in Michelle’s class with candy taped to the top.  A friend had her draw a card last week that I just had to copy – thank you Maura!  Bought the candy early last week when we stopped by the gro looking for razor blades for DJ.  Do you know how many types of razor blades there are for women?  I had to come back home to regroup before I could buy them.  There should be a standard “one size fits all” razor blade.  If they want to add a ribbon of moisture or a quattro trimstyle it should have to fit any razor out there.  Obama should get on that.

3. School fundraiser “balloon cards” ordered and paid for.  School fundraiser cards filled out and returned (a multi stepped process, double the work!).  I’m working on my school fundraiser attitude.  My philosophy is gouge me out of the gate.  I’ll pay you double if I don’t have to pay you on multiple occasions.  I’m an “all inclusive” sort of guy. 

4. Candy for Stephanie to pass out – but no cards or names.  She’s in 5th grade and needs to be able to hand them out as she deems appropriate on the day of – full flexibility.  Perhaps Cupid will  guide her.  I’m curious to know if any 5th grade boys receive a treat – I kinda hope so!  If your’s does, shoot me an email.  Look for fun dips with no name on the “To” line.

5. A small gift and candy for the girls – only money for DJ who is saving up for a Droid (March 3rd her current phone plan expires – whoa! whoa!).  More ways she can get in contact me when she’s upstairs in her room and I’m in the den.

6. A homemade card for Uncle Jesse (not my idea, Michelle made it at church today).  I do love him, but someone else is going to have to take care of his Valentine needs.  I have a few of my own.

7. Fudge ordered and picked up for the church fundraiser because this past weekend we ate a good portion of the food in the house that will kill us – need to get more in pronto.  Seriously, pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cheese dip within 24 hours of each other.  All fruit and veggies next week – skim milk, and V8 juice. (On a side note, just had a piece of the fudge, it’s really, really good.)

8. White shirt clean and ironed to wear to church with the annual red and white bow tie – working to keep things festive, plus it’s about the only time I get to wear that one.  A few years ago I was wearing it at a Y functionin December  and an elderly may walked up to me and said, “You look like a candy cane, I feel like I ought to lick you.”  I took it out of the regular rotation after that.  I only pull  it out when I’m feeling frisky.

9. Probably ought to drop a piece of candy in their lunchbox or something cute.  A note would be sweet but one more thing to do… OK, I’m writing the notes. 

Think we’ll just go out to eat for dinner; I’m tired –

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